Season 2
[episode.12] - Pawn Shop Power
- The Gen LMNOP cast returns in season two and quickly falls into their previous pattern. Jackson's house is robbed and Midus and Val try to find something precious of Jackson's that was lost. Also, it's the first day of a new semester.
Introductions : Miss Sunday Haas, the Janitor.

[episode.13] - Butterfly Effect
- Jackson, Midus, Nicole, Laura, and Val all head out to the mall and the movies for a fun evening. Jackson attempts to help Midus finally put the moves on Nicole...
Introductions : Denko, Neil Lawrence.

[episode.14] - Great Lakes Diner
- The quest of Jackson to get Midus and Nicole together continues, this time with a helper. And one of our characters takes a step toward adulthood...

[episode.15] - I'm a Little Short
- Nicole's Older Brother Andy returns from College, and decides to throw a party in her house, much to her dismay.

[episode.16] - ???
- Written by Tim Kelly

[episode.17] - The Band Trip(pt1)
-Jackson, Val, and Midus go to Florida on their band trip, leaving the rest of the school in session, but with no agenda...
Music - "Hijack" by MC Chris, "Molly" by Mindless Self Indulgance

[episode.18] - The Band Trip(pt2)
-The continuation of the two parter. We've got Nasa Hot Dogs, THREE Murders, and we continue our 24 parody. It'll be awesome.

[episode.19] - Love Siebtangle
-Nicole and Neil attempt to keep their relationship secret, but, well, Jackson Kechs is the ultimate spy.

[episode.20] - Spontaneous Combustion

[episode.21] - Finals 2.0
- How can something that is a final be repeated? Honestly.

[episode.22] - Summer (insert year)
- Season 2's Finale.