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[episode.1] - The Black Album
- The introductions of Midus, Jackson, Val, and Nicole as they enter their first day of High School. And already, they're forced together to work on a Chemistry/Physics project, due at the end of the semester. Now, if only they can work through their first impressions of one another.
Guest Starring: Eddie Scott Poser, Godd, Savil, Mr. Andrews, Professor Ination, Savil

[episode.1] - The Black Album[Re-Edit #2]
- This was my re-write during my 2004-2005 school year for Writing for Media I. I took a lot of elements from the first episode that I liked and infused it with a few new ideas callbacks to both future and already past jokes. Look for me to take everything I like about this episode and the one above it and combine it into a single episode sometime down the line, but right now, you get a look at the piece that gave me a B+! B+ FOR EVERYONE~!

[episode.2] - Campsite Hijinx
- Midus and Jackson go camping in their Boy Scout Troop, as Val and Nicole bump into one another in a store, until a black out locks them inside.
Guest Starring: Doug O'Hara, Eddie Cheno, Elliot A. Racey, Godd, Jack Breaker, Jack Harmen, Jake Walker, Joey Malone, Principal Feeny, Savil, Scoutmaster MuLeast

[episode.3] - Before the Big Room w/Lots of People
- The group deals with a Pep Rally, preparing them for their big game against their rivals, the Titans. Also as a focus, is the big Homecoming Dance, which is ever so approaching.
Guest Starring: Alicia Renner, the Cameraman, Eddie Scott Poser, Elliot A. Racey, the Health Teacher, Jack Harmen, John Sanders, Link, Mr. Andrews, ??, Noah Hawkins, Security Guard #1, Security Guard #2, Ugly Disfigured Girl

[episode.4] - The Big Room w/Lots of People
- Midus awaits Nicole's answer, as the gang head to their football game. They don't really seem to pay much attention to the game at hand however. Also, the dance itself takes place, and it has it's own band!
Guest Starring: Alicia Renner, Aubrey, Boneking, Eddie Scott Poser, Jack Breaker, Jack Harmen, Jake Walker, Joey Malone, John Sanders, Kate Young, Kent, Keri Lindum, Lillian, Link, Magus, Mark, ??, Noah Hawkins, Steve, Tammy Harmen, Tony Davis
Music - "Protest" by John Sanders

[episode.5] - Jacksonlantern
- The gang celebrate Halloween, by not being invited to a party. And Midus and Jackson have choice "words."
Guest Starring: Alicia Renner, Boneking, Death, Eddie Cheno, Jack Harmen, Joey Malone, Link, Professor Ination, Sarah Jones, Scott, Tony Davis

[episode.6] - Everyone, to the Principal's Office!
- Alienated, Midus distances himself from his friends by skipping his class. Meanwhile, the rest of the class, because of Midus, Cheno, and Malone, are sent to the Principal's Office.
Guest Starring: Alicia Renner, Assistant Principal Steken Mud, Aubrey, Boneking, Carlos, Doug O'Hara, Eddie Cheno, Eddie Scott Poser, Elliot A. Racey, the Health Teacher, Jack Breaker, Jack Harmen, Jake Walker, Joey Malone, John Sanders, Kate Young, Keri Lindum, Laura Townsend, Noah Hawkins, Professor Ination, Sarah Jones, Tammy Harmen

[episode.7] - There IS an ending! Honest!
- Midus remains alientated from his friends while Eddie Cheno deals with being abducted. Next to him? Christina Aguilera. Finally, the class makes it's Chemistry Presentations.

[episode.8] - A Swank Party
- The girls attempt to repair the broken friendship between Midus and Jackson. Meanwhile, Midus' parents leave the house to him Thanksgiving weekend, and it doesn't seem as if it was a wise decision. Let's just say there's a bit of Chaos.

[episode.9] - The Special Episodes : Volume 1
- Today feels like a different day. None of the characters are sure why, but it could be because of the Evil Gnomes. Or maybe the Cameo of the Million Dollar Man.

[episode.10] - Bando Bandaid
- Midus and Jackson join the band, much to the disapproval of Val. There's also a carnival. Which must equal fun, right?

[episode.11] - Series Finale
- Finals are just around the corner, and the gang has to prepare for the exams. Preparing, means mini-golf, all night talks on the phone, and anything in order to get around the actual act of studying.