The words "The Following has been Translated into English." 
               Appear on screen.

               INT. OFFICE ROOM -- ???

               A book is tossed onto the desk, and it opens. Each page has 
               an image of a past event in the history of this world, but 
               they all resemble ours. The pages progressively begin to 
               turn and flip faster and faster as time passes.

               Running images that resemble our own history fly onto the 
               screen. A man dressed like King Tut addresses his thousands 
               of followers in a culture not unlike ancient Egypt. The 
               assassination of JFK is shown by the murder of a Priest in 
               the same sort of scenario. A plan crashes into a large arched 
               building. Other famous events are repeated that have occured 
               in our history, but they are changed just slightly so they 
               feel new.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         Imagine your perfect world...


               A large field of grass, rainbows, bunnies, trees. It feels 
               like a saturday morning cartoon. It's even animated.

                                     GOD (V.O.)

               Two people pop onto screen. One is a man, much like ADAM 
               from later, dressed in nothing. The other is a woman, EVE, 
               also dressed in nothing.

                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)

               That's when elements of civiliation begin to show. Procreation 
               as people begin to multiply.

                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)

               Things turn darker. It's much less vibrant. Very black and 
               white, blood splatters onto the camera.

                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Freedom... lies... death...

               And finally, even in the perfect world, ADAM succombs to 
               death on his death bed.


                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         There's no escaping these fundamental 
                         concepts. That's why we have the 
                         imagination, to show the world places 
                         and things that they can never see. 
                         But there is a way to circumvent 
                         these ideals. Organizing a way for 
                         Heaven and Hell to co-exist on the 
                         same plane... and then... everything 
                         is possible. 

               EXT. ALLEYWAY -- NIGHT

               Glistening off of a fallen Colt 45, blood drops fall onto 
               the handle. There's heavy breathing in the background, 
               sounding like two men.

               Wide Shot of the empty alley, minus a man on the ground, 
               face first, his arms outstretched to the fallen gun. Another, 
               dressed mostly in black, lights a cigarette and has a shotgun. 
               He stands behind the gun, and the blood falling down from 
               his hand was the blood from the initial shot. That man is 
               DANIEL ORIEL.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                              (loss of breath)
                         When you meet Satan, tell him that 
                         you went out fighting.

               Daniel points the shotgun at the man.

                         Thank y-


                                          END OF TEASER

                                           ACT ONE

               INT. SUPERMARKET -- DAY

               TIFFANY LYNN is standing in line, holding a water bottle and 
               a dollar in her hands.  She looks down and begins to untwist 
               the cap, but then sighs, lowers the bottle, and begins to 
               tap her feet.

               EXT. SCHOOLYARD -- DAY

               NOAH ALEXANDER, bookbag by his side, sits next to a lovely 
               young cute brunette girl.  He looks to her quickly and averts 
               his glance from her.  He looks away, tapping his fingers on 
               his leg.  He turns back, to see her looking at him.  He smiles 
               clumsily as she raises her hand and calls out to someone 
               away from him.  The BRUNETTE jumps up and walks off the other 
               direction, as NOAH simply watches her go, disappointed. 


               The Shotgun resides on the edge of a chipped night stand, 
               perched next to a phone with the time on it.  DANIEL ORIEL 
               lies in bed, turning in his sleep.  His window is covered by 
               a large black blanket, letting in only a sliver of light 
               from the top opening.  The light paints a picture of passing 
               cars from the outside reflecting onto the ceiling above him.  
               He has a single palm tree like plant in the corner of his 
               room, and the wooden closet door, with a hole in it, is 

               EXT. SCHOOLYARD -- DAY

               NOAH ALEXANDER walks out of the school yard, bookbag in toe.  
               TIFFANY LYNN is there, and she smiles, taking a sip of her 
               water bottle.  She catches Noah's stride.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER

                         How are things?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Let's just say, thank God I'm 
                         graduating next week.

                         She said no?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         No, not so much a no, moreso a lack 
                         of response.

                         What did you do?


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I smiled at her.


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         That's about it.

                         That's not enough Noah.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         But she didn't smile back!  That's 
                         like, a sign, isn't it?

                         Maybe she just didn't notice you?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         How is that possible?

                         I don't know, you are quite loud.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Maybe she hates me.

                         No!  No!

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Everyone hates me.

                         No they don't.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Daniel hates me.

               Lynn winces slightly.

                         Well, Daniel hates everyone.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Except you.

                         I am a rarity, I'll give you that.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         What do you think he's doing, right 



                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                              (looks at watch)
                         Sleeping no doubt.
                         Hey, let's go wake him up and bug 
                         the crap outta him for ditching me 
                         last night.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         He ditched you?

                         Said he had somewhere important to 
                         be.  He's always going off all Willy 
                         nilly filly dilly milly and such.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Which reminds me.

               NOAH reaches into his bag and pulls out a flower.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         It's a lily.
                         If she doesn't have it, someone 
                         beautiful should.

               LYNN is reluctant to take it.

                         Oh... how sweet?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I really don't want to go to Daniel's 
                         though.  That guy has it out for me, 
                         ever since we met.

                         He hardly knows you Noah, it's only 
                         been three weeks.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I'm an open book though!  He hasn't 
                         even glanced at the table of contents 

                         Let's just go.  I'm sure he's got 
                         your Nintendo still hooked up.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Unless he lit the damn thing on fire 

                         He has that schedule for Tuesday.


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Oh... good to know.


               DNAIEL is still sleeping.  A loud ring breaks through the 
               softer noise of cars passing by and honking horns on the 
               outside of Daniel's flat.  DANIEL tosses over, rubs his eyes, 
               and looks at the time.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL

               He squints.  He reaches over and picks up the phone, revealing 
               the time to be "15:00."  He lifts the phone off the receiver 
               and listens in.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         Do you know what time it is?

                                     LYNN (O.S.)
                         Hi!  I do!  Daniel!  I'm just calling 
                         to let you know I got home safely 
                         last night when you ditched me.

               In the background of the phone call, Daniel can hear Noah 
               slightly.  He's quite soft though, so Daniel ignores him.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (O.S.)
                         Wake up-wake up-wake up-wake up-wake 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Why wouldn't you?

                                     LYNN (O.S.)
                         Also.  We're outside.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                              (edit line)
                         Ah, the intercom.  Come on in.  
                         Noah'll have to wait outside.

               Noah's voice rises a bit, as he's come closer to the receiver. 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (O.S.)
                         Awh!  Is that Daniel making fun of 
                         me?  Can I talk to him?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL

                                     LYNN (O.S.)
                         He said no.


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (O.S.)
                         Anything else, and he wouldn't be 


               A single torn leather couch sits in the center of the room, 
               in front of a coffee table filled with empty cigarette packs 
               and too many butts smoked.  NOAH ALEXANDER, 18, a hopeless 
               hopeless romantic everyman, sits on the floor in front of 
               DANIEL'S 13 inch screen television, playing Nintendo.  He 
               looks to be doing well.  Behind him, staring out the window, 
               is TIFFANY LYNN, mid-twenties, an attractive observer of 
               things, drinks out of her water bottle.  She stares out the 
               one window inside the room.  She's sort of in a nook, as the 
               room is shaped in a pentagon.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Oh Dr. Wily. You and your shenanigans.

               Lynn looks over toward Noah, and lets out a slight smile.  
               As she does this, she places the water bottle away.


               DANIEL spits his toothpaste filled saliva into the sink. And 
               then just takes a moment to give himself a look in the mirror.


               A slight RUMBLING SOUND, almost like a train, is heard.  
               NOAH stops playing the game and looks to Lynn to see if she 
               noticed it.  But in that moment, the Nintendo bursts into 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER

               NOAH jumps back and tosses the controller in the air in shock.  
               He crawls backwards and then stands to his feet, turning to 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Lynn? You've got some water or 

               LYNN narrows her eyes in confusion and lets her jaw drop 
               slightly.  She breaks out of her shock quickly and reaches 
               awkwardly over to the water bottle, just out of her reach.  
               She gets onto one foot to give her a little bit of leverage, 
               and then clumsily tosses the bottle to him in a flicking 

               NOAH unscrews the cap and wildly turns the bottle upside 
               down on the NINTENDO.  It only further fuels the fire, as 
               NOAH jumps back to avoid his eyebrows from being burned off. 


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         We talked about this Lynn. Vodka is 
                         not water.

                         That's not vodka. It's like it's a 
                         grease fire?

               NOAH rolls his eyes with the next line 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                              (oh wonderful)


               Daniel doesn't notice the commotion out of his bathroom. And 
               neither do we, as they drown out.


               LYNN turns back toward the window as NOAH has began to place 
               a blanket over top of the flame.  He's desperately patting 
               it down.

               LYNN looks back toward NOAH and his crisis, but whips her 
               head back toward the window, and slowly drops her jaw.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Little help here?

               LYNN just stands there, motionless.  She finally lets out a 

                         Everything's... stopped?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Fires out, if that's- 

               With the fire now out, Noah walks over, placing his hands on 
               his pelvis as if he were Superman saving the day.  NOAH looks 
               outside, and that's when his eyes narrow in confusion.

               NOAH sees that there is no one moving outside the window.  
               Traffic is stopped, a blinking walk sign is completely blank.  
               People are in mid-stride, and there's not a single noise... 
               except for the rumbling.

               NOAH continues in stride with his comment, barely losing a 
               beat in this chaos.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         -a giant game of freeze tag, why 
                         weren't we invited?

               Suddenly, the window shatters inward.  


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         OH GOD! 

               NOAH yanks LYNN to the ground and covers her with his own 
               body.  The shards of glass spray outward, striking NOAH and 
               scratching up his entire back.  Let's just say his tan 
               overshirt is cut to shreads, along with his undershirt, and 
               his back.

               The walls begin to shake, paintings fall.  The television 
               falls off of it's stand and sends out short shocks of 
               electricity..  The cigarette butts on the coffee table erupt 
               into flames, the wall's foundation cracks slightly.  Drywall 
               particles fall from the ceiling onto LYNN and NOAH, as NOAH's 
               hair is covered to look almost gray.


               DANIEL knocks out of his stare, and races out of the bathroom.


               DANIEL races into the room, as the earthquake slowly subsides.  
               He picks NOAH up by his torn and tattered shirt, before 
               HEAVING him into the cracked wall.  NOAH winces in immense 


                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         What did you do!

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I only stole ONE cigarette!  I just 
                         turned 18, it was a right of passage 
                         type thing.

               DANIEL tosses him back first into the wall again, as even 
               more of the wall begins to crumple down onto NOAH ALEXANDER'S 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         If I could freeze time,
                              (points outside)
                         Do you really think I'd have been 
                         late for my SAT's?

                         This isn't the time for jokes Noah!

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I'm not talking about a chicken 
                         crossing a road here.  In fact, I 
                         couldn't be. A chicken would have to 
                         be able to MOVE, and there's no MOTION 
                         PICTURE outside that frame...


               He points to the broken window.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         When the HELL did we enter Twin Peaks!

               DANIEL glares angrily toward NOAH, who just stands there, 
               shoulders hunched as he's trying to keep his back muscles 
               from moving.  After a slight pause, as DANIEL bites his lip 
               to show he's withholding aggression, NOAH speaks.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         You're gonna throw me up against the 
                         wall again, aren't you? 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Get out. Now.

               He releases NOAH, as NOAH tosses his head back against the 
               wall in a sigh of relief. 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         You are not welcome here.

               LYNN seems to get angry in the background during all of this.  
               An awkward pause follows. 

               A flash of light, a poof of smoke, and appearing before the 
               group is a seven foot, 330 pound DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS, 
               standing upright.  He is also dressed in a white, tweed style 
               full body suit.

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         Actually, it'd be best if he stayed.

               DANIEL rolls his eyes toward the DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS, as 
               NOAH takes a few steps forward, his head tilted, trying to 
               gain a sense of what he's looking at. 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You have got to be shitting me.

               NOAH reaches out to touch the DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS' large 
               bill, but doesn't, jerking his hand back.  He turns toward 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Who the hell is this guy? 
                              (To Platypus)
                         What, they didn't have a superman 
                         costume in your size? Who are you!

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                              (to Noah)
                         I believe I was the one threatening 
                         you earlier, so how the hell can you 
                         see him?


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Uh... he's there?

               NOAH points to the DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS, who waves.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                              (to Lynn)
                         Can you see him?

               LYNN's eyes go wide as she locks them with the DUCK BILLED 
               PLATYPUS.  She averts quickly and nods her head.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                              (back to Noah)
                         Still, who the hell are you! 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I'm Noah Alexander, you're lovable 
                         comic relief!

               DANIEL grabs NOAH by his shirt and tosses him into the wall 
               once more. 

               LYNN, watching it all, slowly lowers herself onto the window 

                              (attempting to be 
                         I'm just... going to sit down now.

               LYNN, seated now, has her eyes wide open and glazed over, as 
               if she's looked at the DBP(Duck Billed Platypus) so long 
               that everything had started to become blurry.

               The DBP raises his arm to DANIEL to halter him.  DANIEL 
               doesn't react. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         Daniel. Step down.
                              (to Noah)
                         Noah Alexander.  
                              (to Lynn)
                         Tiffany Lynn.  I'm sure you're all 
                         bit, what's the word in this plane?  
                              (to Daniel)
                         I said, step down!

               DANIEL lets go of NOAH'S shirt, reluctantly.  NOAH squints 
               his eyes, trying to mask the pain.  He keeps his eyes closed 
               even now. 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                              (convincing self)
                         Okay, this is an elaborate dream 
                         sequence. I know what to do here.


               Noah taps the heels of his shoes together three times. He 
               stands there for a brief moment, waiting.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Damnit. Why do the movies LIE!

               Daniel smacks Noah in the back of the head.  NOAH lowers his 
               head due to the blow and covers himself.

               Lynn watches this all unfold. 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         We have precious little time for 
                         your childish distaste with one 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                              (rubbing back of skull)
                         He started it.

               The DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS ignores NOAH and turns to DANIEL.  
               And so, NOAH turns to LYNN to garner sympathy. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         The man you killed last night.

               LYNN, still seated, perks her head up at this.  Her eyes are 
               wide and she's obviously in shock.  NOAH looks at DANIEL, 
               looks at the DBP, and then takes a simple step back into the 
               wall behind him.

                         You... killed someone?

               There's an incredibly long awkward pause, as DANIEL turns to 
               LYNN to explain himself.  Nothing comes out, before LYNN 

                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         I need to sit down again.

               The DBP, still focused on DANIEL, continues.

               NOAH, meanwhile, has tried to take a step back into the wall 
               he was already touching.  Needless to say, he bumps his head 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         He was destined to save the world.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL

               DANIEL, angry, steps toward the DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS and 
               gets in his face.


               Which still keeps Daniel at a safe distance due to the size 
               of the DBP's bill. 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         You told me he was destined to kill 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         To save millions...

               DANIEL takes this in, and quickly averts his gaze.  He steps 
               back from the DBP slightly, mouth agaped at what he's caused.

               LYNN looks worried, as DANIEL is pacing now.

               NOAH kicks his BROKEN NINTENDO in frustration. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (CONT'D)
                         We didn't know. 

               Daniel catches what the DBP said, and regains his power over 
               the situation.  He steps back in toward the DBP, much like 
               before, his previous thoughts totally gone.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL

               The DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS fidgets a bit and looks away 

               LYNN narrows her eyes, almost in anger to the DUCK BILLED 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         Did I say we?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You did.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Oh... busted!

               Daniel charges forward, and tries to grab the Duck Billed 
               Platypus. But he's incorporeal, and Daniel slides right 
               through him.

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         Daniel.  You are rash and impulsive. 
                         You should know by now. I am not THE 
                         man of action. I am simply a 
                         messenger.  The messenger.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Just so we're clear, you're not a 
                         man, right?


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         You're a giant duck billed platypus. 
                         One who we're talking to. 
                              (to Lynn)
                         Why are we talking to a giant Duck 
                         Billed Platypus?

               Lynn tries to answer but can't. 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         A messenger?  Then who the hell do 
                         you work for! 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Now, if you're ghost like, did Daniel 
                         and you just have sex?

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         The world is ending. Is that truly 
                         an issue at this juncture?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         That would be a yes to the sex thing.

               Daniel clocks Noah, sending him to to the ground fast. 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Sit down and shut up.

               Noah stands to his feet, and glares at Daniel. He rubs his 
               cheek in the background as the blow did hurt him, but more 
               was a simple stun. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS
                         There is a way to fix things, but it 
                         won't be easy.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         I'll get my guns.

               Daniel walks to a large curtain on the opposite wall. 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         As in PLURAL!? 

               DANIEL pulls open a curtain to reveal a large bank vault.

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.)
                         Long ago, God decided to experiment.  
                         He created man in His image.

               As the DBP Continues his story... Daniel tinkers with the 
               bank vault's extensive combition sequence. Palm recognition 
               and voice analysis. On the door, an image of a man and a 
               woman with their hands together appears in shadow during all 


                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         The Christian bible speaks of Adam 
                         and Eve, two pure, perfect, immortal 
                         souls, living together in perfect 

               A beep rings out, showing that Daniel has gotten into the 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         But, as was the nature of man, and 
                         God, they wanted more.  They wished 
                         to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

               INT. BANK VAULT -- CONTINUOUS

               Daniel Oriel swings up the vault doors, and standing there 
               is an incredibly large white room, filled with guns and 
               exposives. Noah Alexander just stands there, awestruck.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         It's glorious!

               Daniel sorts through the mess of things, which includes a 
               huge set of books about the world. Daniel grabs one and tosses 
               it onto the floor, it opens to a page of an image, where 
               Man's earth and the Heavens rested on a balance beam. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.)
                         But God's experiement was not 
                         complete. He needed to contain each 
                         world seperate from another. Heaven 
                         was meant to be the control group,

               A light shines onto Heaven's side, and then onto Earth's.

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         and Earth, as it is called here, was 
                         meant to be the variable. 

               INT. PARADISE -- AFTERNOON

               The Sun is warm, the trees are green. It's paradise on earth 
               as ADAM and EVE sit around a campfire. They wave toward the 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.)
                         But even though Adam and Eve were 
                         blissfully happy, they were ever 
                         curious about the state of heaven.

               ADAM and EVE look over past the edge of their universe, and 
               see HEAVEN on the other side of the Balance Beam. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         So they made a deal with God.


               INT. COURTROOM -- AFTERNOON

               ADAM and EVE are standing in an empty courtroom with two 
               lawyers, God, and the Duck Billed Platypus in the corner of 
               the room. They heartily exchange handshakes together.

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.)
                         In exchange for their Immortality, 
                         God would allow man to live, breed, 
                         and die in their world, and enter 
                         the gates of Heaven apon death. A 
                         victory for both sides, if you will. 
                         I know this because I was apart of 
                         this all.

               The DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS takes attention and stands in the 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         With mortality, comes the issue of 

               INT. PARADISE -- AFTERNOON

               Things are becoming a bit less Paradise like. Darker moods 
               and such, as we see an image of two men unlike Cain and Able. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.)
                         A mortal being, a human, if you will, 
                         has the power of choice, long after 
                         death.  A choice to be good, or a 
                         choice to be evil.

               Cain and Able show both good and evil. Able hands Cain an 
               apple, Cain slaughters Able.

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Normally, men don't know their paths, 
                         and as such, choose their written 
                         destinies, but every now and then, 
                         they stray from the path of God.

               Cain is satisfied. Until an Angel, PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL], drops 
               down from Heaven. He pulls Cain into the earth, and in doing 
               so, his Angelic self was tinted red with the blood of Able's 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         And as such, God allowed his hand of 
                         vengeance, an Arch Angel, to create 
                         an existence simply to punish the 
                         wicked.  The good, through the 
                         original agreement with Adam and 
                         Eve, would be sent to Heaven.  The 
                         bad, would be sent to Hell.

               A newspaper flies into scene, as we see the image of the 
               dead man in the alley.


               The image rewinds back into dark and back to moments before 
               the trigger is pulled. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         But there are some people who stray 
                         from the path too far, and God cannot 
                         wait for them to die naturally. Doing 
                         so would taint so many other souls 
                         you see.

               Reveal : Daniel Oriel, pointing down the barrel of his shotgun 
               at the man.

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         So Daniel Oriel was chosen, to kill 
                         the evil of the world before it could 
                         spread too far, before the entire 
                         world would be engulfed.

                         Thank y-

               A blast rings out. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.)
                         Thing is, God made a clerical error...

               INT. HEAVEN

               Up to GOD, who's doing paper work with glasses on his head.

               A newspaper flies onto the camera and catches it. It's of 
               tomorrow's paper, where there was a huge car accident 
               involving a building that falls.  

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.)
                         The man Daniel killed was set to 
                         kill hundreds of people today, but 
                         Daniel stopped him before he could.

               A new view, of the Man saving the world by killing himself 
               to stop an explosion of some kind. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Thing is, he was also meant to save 
                         the world in a beautiful redeeming 
                         self sacrifice... Without him, your 
                         world is doomed.  But there is a way 
                         to stop it.

               The newspapers fly away and we're back to the book, a page 
               turns due to wind, and it unviels an image of the Spear of 
               Destiny, glowing in a platform like King Arthur's sword. 


                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.) (CONT'D)       *
                         It used to be called the Spear of 
                         Destiny... but I honestly couldn't 
                         imagine what it would be called now, 
                         allows the wielder to manipulate 
                         time and space.  It would allow Daniel 
                         to return to the past and correct 
                         his mistake. But the staff is heavily 
                         guarded in a heavenly dimension, a 
                         place no human has ever traveled.  
                         If you were to travel there, there 
                         would be no returning, unless you 
                         were successful in acquiring the 


               DANIEL, NOAH, and LYNN exit the apartment complex, geared up 
               for war. 

                                     DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS (V.O.)
                         Once you all accept this risk, there 
                         would be no turning back...

                                          END OF ACT ONE

                                           ACT TWO


               DANIEL, NOAH, and LYNN stand just before the entrance of the 
               pizzeria. They stand for a moment, awestruck.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Am I going to have to take this one 
                         or should someone else have the 

               Daniel beings walking, LYNN and NOAH follow, but DANIEL turns 
               around and grabs their hands. He starts walking back. He 
               stops when they're back to the start, and then continues 
               back to the pizzeria. LYNN follows, waves NOAH to come and 
               he does. DANIEL turns around, and stands sturdy. LYNN stops 
               just before him.

                         You're not gonna do this alone.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         What if he did?  I mean, the Duck 
                         Billed guy didn't say that Daniel 
                         couldn't do it by himself. If we 
                         don't go, change our destinies... 
                         maybe everything'll still work out...

               NOAH stands in place, as DANIEL stops to hear him out, but 
               then turns around and keeps walking. LYNN follows, and NOAH 
               stands there awkwardly in place as LYNN disappears.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Well... I'm not the only one that's 
                         gonna be left behind. You guys start 
                         bonding and then all my inside jokes 
                         just feel dated when you get back.


               DANIEL ORIEL, TIFFANY LYNN, and NOAH HAWKINS stand just in 
               front of the ball pit.

                         Should we... take off our shoes first?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Or, y'know, why are we even going?  
                         I mean, we're going back in time to 
                         save the man who indescriminatly 
                         shot me!

               A newspaper swings into the camera. The image morphs into a 
               cafe, where NOAH ALEXANDER is down, clutching his wound. It 
               rewinds until before that, as the MAN from the teaser holds 
               a gun aimed at DANIEL ORIEL. LYNN is behind him, as NOAH 
               stands in the background.


               The Man shoots, and Daniel just barely dodges a bad shot. It 
               sails into Noah's turning shoulder, and sends him sprawling 
               into the wall. He slides down, leaving a red streak.

               Daniel takes a right hand and holds out his gun.  He places 
               a single bullet into the chamber.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         The bible tells us that we should 
                         not be the judge of others. That God 
                         alone must judge.

               He spins, making the bullet in the chamber be random.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         Let's leave it to the fates, shall 

               Back to NOAH, who's bleeding in Tiffany's lap.

                         You're alright. You're going to be, 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Wow... you're glowing. 

               POV : Noah sees LYNN bathing in light. She looks like a 

               Back to NOAH, who clutches his elbow to his body. 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Is anyone else cold?


               NOAH stands there, defiant in his point. Daniel takes a 
               moment, but then turns toward the Duck Billed Platypus, who 
               appears directly behind him.  Oriel climbes into the pit as 
               a portal opens. LYNN follows in behind, and NOAH sighs and 
               enters as well.

               INT. CLOUDS -- LATER

               DANIEL, NOAH, and LYNN all almost bounce on these clouds. 
               The walls are made up of the same material, as they nearly 
               float on air.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Be prepared for anything.

               A thunder bolt crackles, scaring Lynn. Oriel protects her, 
               standing in front. NOAH is behind him, bitting his nails.

               Daniel Oriel brandishes two shotguns like they were swords, 
               ready to duel, as a slow fog rises into the room.


               Out from the entrance reveals a man with a long white beard, 
               dressed like a modern doctor. He has a stethescope over his 
               shoulder, a glass monocle, and a quiver on his back.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Come and see me.

               He glides into view, as NOAH and DANIEL are awestruck at the 
               shining light of heaven coming off of him. LYNN stands there, 
               her head shielded to the floor.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         I hear you are in search of the Spear 
                         of Destiny. Tricky thing. Quite 
                         tricky. Always disappearing from 
                         this universe, as is it's nature. 
                         Even with it, your world will suffer 
                         chaos and destruction it has never 
                         felt before. Without it, your world 
                         may be doomed to it's own accord, 
                         but I can say that it will be 
                         painless. This road you wish to travel 

               Daniel catches that they know who he is.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         It will only bring pain, death, and 
                              (slight pause as he 
                         Which, seems to be to your liking.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         We don't have a choice anymore.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Of course you do. You can sacrifice 
                         yourself and let your universe live. 
                         For another couple more weeks at 
                         least. Or you can attempt to stop it 
                         in a futile manner, which would only 
                         force your world to end sooner, and 
                         force the world to suffer your burden.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Or... I can do that hero thing and 
                         overcome the odds to defeat 
                         unsurmountable forces and save the 

               Oriel stands, ready for battle.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Hmmmm... a hero you say? Is that 
                         what you are?


                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         I have to warn you. I must get through 
                         that door behind you.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         And I'm afraid I must warn you, for 
                         I am charged with blocking this seal.  
                         And for you to reach your destination, 

               He tilts his head to the side. The DOCTOR then simply nods 
               his head, and lowers it as he does, in a sign of knowing 
               they must do battle, but trying to warn Daniel of the risk 
               of death. Trying to say we will do battle if we must, but 
               hopefully it shouldn't come to that.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         You aren't gonna bust out that lame 
                         "Are we gonna fight, or talk" cliche 
                         the movies always use, are ya? Cuz 
                         if you do, I am so outta here.

               Daniel and the Doctor Raphael shoot disapproving glances 
               toward Noah's direction. Noah stands awkwardly but then Daniel 
               and the Doctor spring into a fight, Daniel rocking the Doctor 
               with a swift upswung uppercut with his shotgun. Noah 
               immediatly grabs Lynn and pulls her to the side of the fray, 
               behind a large semi-transparent cloud. Daniel and the Doctor 
               continue to do battle behind them, throughout their 

               Daniel holds his shotgun pointed toward the fallen Angel, 
               who sweep kicks it up into the air.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         What the hell are we into here? Do 
                         you remember taking any drugs? I 
                         don't remember taking any drugs. I 
                         think I'd remember taking lots of 

                              (stunned silence)
                         These are the consequences...

               Slight pause. 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         So you do remember taking drugs then. 

               Daniel goes to it to grab it from falling, which allows the 
               Doctor to regain footing to his knees. From there, he shoots 
               arrows out of his sling toward Daniel, who swats them away 
               with his shotguns.

               Noah, briefly places his hand on her knees and leans in closer 
               to speak.


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         I want you to know something.

               Lynn is too enamored by the battle behind them to notice.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         I love you.

               Lynn turns her attention away from the battle and stares at 
               Noah in shock. 

               Daniel's shotgun fires in the background and startles LYNN 
               and NOAH out of their eye contact.

               LYNN reverts her attention away from NOAH, who lowers his 
               head in defeat. DANIEL's blast took a good mortal chunk out 
               of the good DOCTOR's abdomen. He reaches over, grabs the 
               quiver and bow staff, and tosses it to Noah.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Try not to poke your eye out.

               Trumpets blare in the background as DANIEL crosses the opening 
               seal. LYNN follows him, and NOAH stands there for a second.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Hardy har har.

               He quickly passes onto the next level before the seal closes 
               behind him.


               DANIEL, LYNN, and NOAH stand in what appears to be an old 
               ancient tomb. A single light shines in through the sand 
               covered window, as everything is made out of stone. Vines 
               have covered the walls and dried up. There's a single platform 
               in the center of the room. 

               On top of that platform is a switch, in the shape of a 
               BLINKING EYE. 

               NOAH walks over to it, and it immediatly bursts into flames. 
               He drops to his knees and claws at the vines underneath, 
               pulling them away quickly. He sees an inscription, along 
               with a code key in the upper right corner.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         It's a code...


               Lynn drops down besides him to look.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I think... yeah, it says if we put 
                         out the flame, we can move on.


               Daniel takes off his cloak and draps it over the flame, 
               extinquishing it. It then rises up again on top of the cloak, 
               as if not harming it.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         There's more inscription Mr. Where 
                         do I shoot my shotgun sir.

               Daniel glares toward NOAH, who continues reading.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         A world of imagination? I think that's 
                         what it says.

                         Are you sure? Doesn't make sense.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Maybe it's describing a world. An 
                         untrue reality. Such as movies, or 
                              (figuring out)
                         Check around the corners of the rooms 
                         for pots. Look underneath for a switch 
                         on the ground or smash the pots for 
                         the key inside.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You've got to be kidding me.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Do it now!

               Daniel goes to smashing pots immediatly as LYNN does one 
               hesitantly. Daniel finds the key, smashed against the wall 
               nearest him. He picks it up and takes it to Noah.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         I'm not going to lie to you Daniel.

               Noah lowers to his knees to read the rest of the inscription.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         You don't have to worry about trusting 

               He continues reading in the awkward silence.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Here. "A Sun widow beams?" Is that 

                         Maybe it's not widow?

               Noah's head perks up and he sees the window shining a light 
               beam. He heads over there, takes out his cellphone to use as 
               a mirror.


               He shines the light into the flame, extinquishing it. DANIEL 
               the unlocks the seal using the key he found, and the door 
               begins to open.

                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         You have a phone?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         No reception. Already tried.

               LYNN clamors forward as Trumpets blare.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         How'd you know that code?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         It was a puzzle. I like puzzles... 
                         It's why I play so many games.

               Daniel nods in appreciation.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Good one.

               He walks on, and NOAH continues on, hoisting the quiver over 
               his shoulder as he does.

               INT. FLAME'S HELL -- NIGHT

               DANIEL ORIEL, LYNN, and NOAH all enter a blank red room. 
               Until the walls erupt into flames, the ceiling as well in an 

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         Come and see me.

               A single mrtyle tree lies in the center of the room, un burnt, 
               as the door slams down behind LYNN, DANIEL, and NOAH.

               That's when the PRIEST URIEL walks out from the flame walls, 
               brandishing two swords behind his back. He stands, dressed 
               in grey Priest's attire, a single gem replacing the white 
               stripe in a priest's collar. PRIEST URIEL crosses his arms 
               on his chest and rests his chin onto his finger tips.

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         What are you doing Daniel?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         I'm saving the world.

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         I've controlled the path between 
                         this life and the next for a millenia. 
                         You think your body is any different 
                         than the rest?


                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         I dunno. But I'm itching to find 

               He itches himself.

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         You're too concerned with the good 
                         and the evil Daniel. Too worried 
                         about balancing the scales. Not 
                         realizing you're stepping ever so 
                         closer to toppling those scales.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Then why tell me this.

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         Because this is your last hint.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         I'm already bored.

               DANIEL draws his shotgun quickly, but PRIEST URIEL has grabbed 
               the shotgun's barrel, and his hand turns to fire. It melts 
               the edge of the shotgun together, and DANIEL's eyes go wide.

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         So am I.

               Using his grip on the shotgun, he tosses Daniel clear across 
               the room, and he bounces ever so close to the firey edges.

               DANIEL pulls out two Colt 45's and shoots PRIEST URIEL in 
               the chest, horizontally parallel to each other.  Neither 
               blow does much but knock URIEL back a few steps.  DANIEL 
               shoots Uriel with the two guns in both the head and the 
               stomach, forming a cross shape. He then lets loose another 
               double shot to the chest, as Priest Uriel reaches out and 
               grabs him by his throat. His hand aflamed.

               NOAH & LYNN, covering by the Mytrle tree, cower in fear. 
               LYNN looks on as NOAH is digging at the sandy ground of the 
               tree. He sees a message. A picture of a Priest's collar with 
               the white part shown, and a picture of an arrow, Noah realizes 
               what he has to do. He drops the quiver, takes out an arrow.

               He sets up for the shot.  And it looks like he's aiming for 
               DANIEL through his eye line.

                         NO! Stop!

               NOAH doesn't, intent and focused on his target.

                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         Getting rid of Daniel won't bring us 


               He closes his eyes.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I know... 

               And releases the arrow.

               The arrow travels and sails in the sky towards URIEL, who's 
               sword is drawn on the fallen DANIEL. The sword enflames, and 
               the arrow sails over Daniel's shoulder, scraping his skin as 
               it goes on to pierce the gem in URIEL's throat. He flails 
               and dies, evaporating into smoke, as the sword clatters to 
               the ground, unenflamed.

               ORIEL turns to NOAH in disbelief. He recovers, grabbing the 
               sword, and placing it into his side. He walks toward NOAH, 
               and gives him a glare.

               Thunder crackles just like before. 

               DANIEL walks up to NOAH and places his arm on NOAH'S shoulder. 
               DANIEL tears NOAH's sleeve off and wraps his wound up. He 
               gives NOAH a final glare as NOAH stares at his torn shirt, 
               before walking through the chamber into the next room. LYNN 
               follows, as NOAH is the last.


               DANIEL and LYNN take in the amazement of the scenery, as 
               NOAH walks in from behind them.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         You'd think they'd give you some 
                         kind of instruction manuel or a 
                         tourist's guide or...

               He looks up and sees the waterfalls surrounding him on the 
               walls. The floor had a bit of sand along the walls and a 
               single platform in the center, with the rest being a water 
               in the shape of a circle. Much like an eye ball. That's when, 
               around the podium, water falls from the ceiling completly 
               encasing it in a single circular line. It startles Lynn, who 
               goes into Daniel's arms at it's sound.

               Daniel goes to swim, but Noah blocks him.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)

               Something falls out of Noah's pocket. It's a medicine case. 
               It hits the surface of the water and falls. It bouyes to the 
               surface of the water, but doesn't actually penetrate it. 
               Daniel stares in confusion, as Noah sighs.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         I still had a refill on that.


                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Are you saying that if we fall below 
                         that surface, we can't ever get back 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         It appears so.

               DANIEL turns to his problem, and begins to think. He doesn't 
               have time to realize that TIFFANY LYNN has began to walk on 
               the water, heading toward the podium. DANIEL reaches out in 
               shock but pulls back when he realizes she's too far away. 
               NOAH  turns in amazement. as LYNN carefully tip toes down 
               along the top of the water, never breaking below it. Never 
               wetting the tips of her feet.

               DANIEL stares in bewilderment as LYNN reaches the switch. 
               She presses it, and a TRUMPET blasts triumphantly as THUNDER 
               CRACKLES in the background. LYNN turns to her friends and 
               smiles in victory, before a blast of water falls from the 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL

               DANIEL reaches out as Lynn gets hit. NOAH restrains him, as 
               LYNN's lower torso falls into the lake. She grasps on the 
               podium to keep herself above the surface slightly, and 
               desperately holds onto the edge. A second blast loosens her 
               grip as she falls below the surface.

               LYNN shakes off the effects and tries to swim, but can't 
               break on through to the other side. She smashes her palms 
               against the top of the water, sending ripples throughout the 
               lake, but accomplishing nothing else. Like glass or ice, 
               she's trapped below the surface.

               DANIEL gets set to dive in, but NOAH steps in front of him.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         What are you, retarded?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         I'm going to save her, if that's 
                         alright with you.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         All you're going to do is drown 

               He turns away, and begins to look toward the walls. He skims 
               his hand across the surface, and stops. He turns to Daniel 
               in confusion.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         It's... warm?


               DANIEL walks over and SMASHES his fist through the water 
               wall, and fiddles behing. NOAH is in shock and shields 
               himself, as DANIEL flicks a switch. NOAH recovers from his 
               shock and startlment, and turns toward DANIEL in disbelief.

               That's when the ceiling turns to Sand, and every other bit 
               of water in the room does as well. The sand falls onto NOAH, 
               who covers up too late, as DANIEL immediatly goes toward 
               where LYNN was, and frantically digs.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Lynn! Lynn, are you alright!

               He tosses sand behind him into Noah's face. He uncovers LYNN, 
               who's covered in sand an unconsious. He holds her head just 
               over his knee, as he stares down at her fallen body.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         Talk to me... please.

               DANIEL lowers her so she's lying horizontally on the floor. 
               NOAH props her head up, and looks down to her, before turning 
               to DANIEL.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         She doesn't look good.

               As NOAH tells DANIEL this, DANIEL shoves him away from her 
               and begins to perform CPR.

               And for a moment, everything flashes. Almost like a 
               hollywoodian moment, their lips meet. But with a beat, it's 
               all for nothing, as DANIEL continues to preform CPR.

               DANIEL finishes breathing into LYNN and turns to NOAH, who's 
               nowhere to be found. DANIEL, confused, begins to get slightly 
               weary. He returns to LYNN, and does some more CPR. He gets 
               back up, and turns back to where NOAH was, and he's no longer 
               there again still.

               DANIEL turns to LYNN, who lets out a sneeze, and returns to 
               her senses. She spits up a bit of water, and once it hits 
               the ground it becomes a bit more sand.

               NOAH immediatly jumps into frame, "back" from wherever he 
               was, and hugs LYNN. She looks around awkwardly, and locks 
               eyes with DANIEL during this hug.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         I thought I lost you...

               DANIEL rips NOAH off of LYNN and shoves him back.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Oh get fucked four eyes. She doesn't 
                         love you.


               A large sound of something moving in the background is heard. 
               LYNN becomes ancy. 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Is this really the time we should 
                         worry about this?

                         Uh... Guys? 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         No, it's not. That's the point Noah. 
                         Get over your crush.


                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         It's going to kill one of us.


               NOAH pulls out his bow and places an arrow on it's edge. 
               DANIEL, at the same time, in a swift motion, pulls out his 
               shotgun from his side and points it professionally toward a 
               shaking Noah. 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Not if you kill us first.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         What do you mean!

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Oh, with how many evil people you've 
                         killed in the world, you can't tell 
                         me there hasn't been one innocent 
                         death on your hands.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         So you think I'm going to murder 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Isn't that what a murderer does?

                         SHUT THE FUCK UP! 

               The loudness and obscenity included gets both NOAH and 
               DANIEL'S attention.

                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         Uh.... The seal?

               Turn toward the seal, which is closing rapidly. So rapid, 
               NOAH, DANIEL, and LYNN drop everything and go racing for the


               door. NOAH reaches it first, LYNN second, and DANIEL dives 
               in sideways just as the door closes behind him.

               INT. SHADOWS -- CONTINUOUS

               DANIEL, NOAH, and LYNN hit the metallic ground hard in the 
               next room, which is completely covered in darkness.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Told you your crush could kill us.

               DANIEL gets to his feet and dusts himself off.

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Come and See Me.

               A SWOOSH is heard. Something's traveling in the dark.

               ANOTHER SWOOSH, the eyes in the room slowly narrow, until 
               they rise in shock as the ground they're standing on gives 
               out enough so that they begin to plummet. It hits ANOTHER 
               ground with a large thud, sending NOAH and LYNN to their 
               backs and DANIEL to his knees. He reaches behind his back 
               and pulls out the sword from URIEL, and drives it into the 
               ground. It catches fire, as is it's nature, and illuminates 
               the room.

               Taking in their surroundings, they're currently standing on 
               a scale, one without anything on the other side. 

               DANIEL pulls out a cigarette and lights it on the flaming 

               GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL], appears, clutching onto the roof of 
               the building. He flips off, drops down and lands in the other 
               side of the scale, tipping the balance to his favor.

               DANIEL, who was standing, steadies himself as the scale tips 
               upwards. NOAH rises to his feet and dusts himself off. LYNN, 
               scared, remains on the floor of the scale.

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         THIS IS A WAR.

               STANDING defiantly, his black attire is that of a soldier's 
               uniform. A single black medal, polished so much that it no 
               longer has a glossy finish, adorns over his left breast. He 
               seems armed to the teeth. Bullet's across his chest like 
               Rambo. A large amoung of guns secured around his waist. He 
               takes a deep breath in.

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         Did you think you could invade heaven 
                         without the arms of God striking 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         That's not what we're doing.


               GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] figures to let DANIEL play out his 

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Then why are you here.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         To retrieve the Spear of Destiny.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Yo, Danny Boy. Are you sure you should 
                         have told the guy with 18 guns what 
                         we're trying to steal?

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Then you ARE after the kingdom of 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         One slight point. I'm not with him. 
                              (looks to Lynn)
                         We're just... looking for the 
                         So, if you can... just...
                              (uncomfortable pause)
                         You aren't believing any of this, 
                         are you?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         We're not after the Kingdom of 

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Then why go after the one device 
                         that can grant you entrance through 
                         the heavenly gates?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Well... you're not using it, are 

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL]
                         NO ONE MAY USE THE SPEAR!

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Listen, we need that spear. I came 
                         here to get it, and the only way I 
                         can leave is if I succeed. I don't 
                         mind if I die trying, but getting 
                         stuck here and dying of starvation 
                         isn't exactly on my list of things 
                         to do before I die.

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL]
                         It's not that simple. Daniel...


               Daniel is surprised by this.

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         I'm General Michael Long. My brothers 
                         and I have safe guarded the staff 
                         remnants of the spear of Destiny 
                         behind sealed doors. I was charged 
                         with a duty by God. To take the Spear 
                         of Destiny to earth and pierce the 
                         chest of his son.  See, God's son 
                         being born was nothing more than God 
                         hiring a spiratual lock smith. By 
                         piercing the chest of his son with 
                         the Spear of Destiny, it became a 
                         skeleton key to all the dimension. 
                         Since that day, anyone using the 
                         Spear of Destiny could travel from 
                         any dimension, to any time, from 
                         anyplace, to everywhere and every 
                         time ever in existence.  The biggest 
                         problem of all? All open access to 
                         God and his throne. And since God is 
                         built in the image of man... well... 
                         let's just say... God needs 
                         protecting. So while I admire your 
                         fighting spirit and understand your 

               SWOOSH, and General Michael[Angel] has disappeared.

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         I'm afraid no, is the only answer I 
                         may give. 

               GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] leaps off of his scale up toward 
               DANIEL. He brandishes two large black swords on his side.

               DANIEL reaches down and lifts the firey sword out of the 
               ground scale. He raises it and blocks two overhead sword 
               chops from GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] in the same motion. 

               As MICHAEL lands, the scales tip and DANIEL/NOAH/LYNN take 
               the disadvantage.  DANIEL drops back and has to adjust his 
               sword to his side to avoid a swing horizontal blow. NOAH 
               falls back and cracks his head on the scale, as LYNN falls 
               from her seated position into a fallen one.

               GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] swings overhead, and DANIEL blocks 
               the blow, before using his strength to toss the sword off of 
               him. He swings his fire sword toward GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL]'s 
               midsection, who dodges just barely. He flies off of the scales 
               and onto the nearest wall.

               That's when he begins to race around the walls, all around, 
               through the ceilings and just gaining even more speed.

               ORIEL looks up, and WHIPS the sword into the ceiling. It 
               hits GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL], before sending MICHAEL into the


               ceiling, and then falling all the way back down onto the 
               other side of the scales.

               On the way down, DANIEL looks to LYNN and tackles her off of 
               their side of the scale, as NOAH dives out of the way just 
               barely to avoid being catapulted into the ceiling.

               NOAH, gets up, and dusts himself off. He's incredibly scared 
               and shaking. DANIEL gets up and rips off one of GENERAL 
               MICHAELS[ANGEL] small pistol/sniper rifle combination weapon. 
               NOAH "pffts."

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Grave Robber.

               Trumpets blare, and LIGHTNING crackles to open up the next 
               seal. DANIEL leads the way, as LYNN follows just behind. 
               NOAH casually continues on his way.


               And now, where there once was a lake, there was now nothing 
               more than a bottomless crator. Well, there probably is a 
               bottom, but it'd be painful to reach it.

               DANIEL surveys the land. Traveling on air are platforms, 
               moving from side to side. Magnetic boards, being pulled either 
               way and held up by extreme gusts of wind.

               That's when the ground their standing on begins to move. 
               NOAH drops down and clutches at the corners of the moving 
               rock, as LYNN grabs DANIEL'S arm and shoulder for comfort.

               DANIEL raises his gun and aims, shooting over the shield, 
               where a single open eye resided.  Instead of closing however, 
               the pupils began to dilate. Platforms began to rocket up 
               from the ground below, shot up by wind. They clanked together, 
               locking in place. Each one set up on a large grid, held 
               together by a simple screw on each side.

               That's when the first platform dropped, directly next to 
               where DANIEL, NOAH, and LYNN had started. LYNN lets out a 
               startled scream, as DANIEL pushes himself forward.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Oh God! 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Let's move!

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Good plan. That's way better than my 
                         shriek like a girl and wait to die 

               THUNDER CRACKLES. The seal begins to part, as DANIEL leaps 
               off of the platform that they stood on.


               NOAH did the same, onto his own, as LYNN REMAINED, too scared 
               to move.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         LYNN! Move!

               LYNN shakes her head timidly.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         Do it, or you're gonna fall.

               NOAH dives to the next platform, just as the previous one he 
               stood on top of fell out from under him. He looked back down 
               through toward the bottom of the cavern, and could not see 
               anything but black. diffusing into sedimentary wall.

               NOAH looks to DANIEL, amazed that he almost lost his life.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I DON'T WANT TO DIE AND NEITHER DO 

               Almost inappropriately, just as DANIEL was about to say 
               something, NOAH burst into the conversation, and shouted in 
               pure terror.


               She shakes her head no, and then looks toward DANIEL, whose 
               arms are outstretched. DANIEL dives from his platform over 
               to the next, as LYNN looks down at her own platform, slowly 
               rocking back and forth slightly. Anything but stable.

               And so she leapt... right onto a platform that happened to 
               be falling just as she leapt. Unable to change her direction, 
               she closed her eyes...

               ... Before DANIEL charged over the pit, grabbing LYNN and 
               pulling her on top of him as he fell back first onto the 
               platform NOAH was standing on. 

               TRUMPETS begin to blare, much more articulately than before, 
               much more, powerful, louder than they ever have been in the 
               past. DANIEl and LYNN get to their feet as NOAH races first 
               amongst the group to get past the seal.


               As the seal closes down behind them, NOAH begins to look 
               around the room in amazement.

               DANIEL and LYNN take in the world, as LYNN sees how cut up 
               and torn up she is. But that's nothing compared to the damage 
               that Daniel Oriel has taken.


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I think this is the last trial! 

               Seeping up from the floor was none other than the Fourth 
               Angel, an incredibly pale man named GABRIEL. He leapt up out 
               of the floor, out of the mirror to be more specific, and 
               thrusts with his fencing sword. 

               Right through the midsection of NOAH ALEXANDER. He looks 
               down to his dirty white shirt, and sees the blood slowly 
               begin to seap out of his wound.

               He looks back up toward LYNN, and his face almost begins to 
               break down. He reaches out, and winces.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Save... me?

               He falls to his knees and then into Lynn's awaiting lap. The 
               fencing sword is still in his chest. 

               DANIEL turns toward GABRIEL[ANGEL] and swings, but misses 
               completley. GABRIEL[ANGEL] dodged by returning the mirror, 
               and then returned back to the real world with an incredibly 
               fast rising uppercut, sending DANIEL flying off his feet and 
               into the mirrors on the side of the wall. It cracks a mirror, 
               and the lights dim slightly.

                         YOU KILLED MY FAMILY DANIEL ORIEL. 
                         Now, I have to make sure you remember 
                         their innocent blood shed is on your 

               BACK TO LYNN AND NOAH, as LYNN slowly strokes NOAH's hair. 
               NOAH groans, his eyes wide and uncontrollably large.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         How come everything I ask for in 
                         life is never given to me?

                         Maybe because you wouldn't fight if 
                         you already had whatever you were 
                         looking for?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         You don't have to do this.


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER


               He slumps in her arms, and she lets out a blood curling 
               scream.  That's when everything surrounding NOAH ALEXANDER 
               slowly begins to fade away. Even LYNN's extremely loud scream 
               is slowly becoming nothing but a faded memory.

               NOAH laid slumped over, a pool of blood slowly trailing down 
               toward his legs. The fencer's sword still stuck through his 
               chest. Slowly, the sword fades away, as NOAH Alexander's 
               eyes shoot open. He looks around the completely white room, 
               clouds everywhere, and seems quite confused.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Did... I get another life?

               He looks down, and the trail of blood slowly disappears as 
               well. That leaves NOAH completely surrounded by nothing but 

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         NOAH ALEXANDER, from the planet Earth. 
                         In a way, yes, you did. Welcome. 
                         There's an assortment of crumb cakes 
                         to your left.

               NOAH stares in disbelief as he looks to his left. Right there 
               is a large tray of crumb cakes that was not there the moment 

                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         If you have any other questions during 
                         this time of purgatory, please, feel 
                         free to ask them.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         So... I'm dead?

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         You mean you don't know? DENISE! Get 
                         him the pamplet.

               DENISE, a large chested ANGEL appears, and hands NOAH 
               ALEXANDER a pamphlet called "So, you died in a plane crash."

                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Denise. Honestly. That's the wrong 
                         pamplet. Am I going to have to do 
                         everything? Because I can and I will. 
                         I'm God.

                         I'm sorry, but we haven't had any 
                         "Sacrifices for the Greater Good" 
                         for millenias. Ever since Jesus, 
                         people think it's a hack move.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         Just, get the right pamplet? Can you 
                         do me, this one simple favor? Please?


               DENISE smiles, and leaves. GOD sighs.

                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         You can't ever find good help, can 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I dunno. Job Builder's pretty solid.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         Really? I've heard that. 


               TIFFANY LYNN'S SCREAM continues just as if it's never been 
               interrupted, Noah's bleeding body laying in her lap. She 
               tosses his unconsious skull off her lap in shock, and stands 
               to her feet...

               Just as DANIEL gets rocked to the ground with a stiff swinging 
               trumpet to the face from GABRIEL[ANGEL]

               And TIFFANY LYNN walks back first into GABRIEL[ANGEL]. They 
               both turn around quickly and face one another.

                         May I say what a beauty you are.

               He takes a step towards her, and she takes a step back in 

                                     GABRIEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         All that time, being chased by two 

               DANIEL, on his knees recovering, recieves a stiff soccer 
               kick from GABRIEL[ANGEL] to send him back down.

                                     GABRIEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         Now it looks like you won't have to 

               He smiles sinisterly, before cold clocking her with a vicious 
               back arm shot to the side of her face. She sprawls down onto 
               the floor, and begins to crawl away.

                                     GABRIEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         You think I would take pity on a 
                         women. But your petty concepts of 
                         morale are beneath me.

               He grabs her by her long hair, and lifts her to her feet. 
               She startles in terror, a look of pure horror on her face.

                                     GABRIEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         Besides... you all agreed to die 
                         when you came here... 


               He slams her up against a mirror, shattering it. She whimpers 
               in pain, but as a piece of glass falls, she grabs it into 
               her hand, Cut up and bruised, she holds her hands behind her 
               back, attempting to hide her new weapon.

               GABRIEL[ANGEL] points his fencing sword to her neck, pushing 
               her head up a bit as he does.

                         You're an Angel! Shouldn't you be 

                         And shouldn't God have mercy on your 

               TIFFANY LYNN winces as GABRIEL[ANGEL] pushes the sword further 
               into her neck, but not piercing the skin. She's preparing 
               for it to pierce her neck.

               INT. HEAVEN -- CONTINUOUS

               NOAH ALEXANDER stands before a podium, where in an ANGELIC 
               WOMAN named GLORIA resides. She's in front of a small laptop 
               looking device, typing feverishly. She wears glasses that 
               hang off the edge of her nose, and looks up for a brief second 
               toward NOAH. She lets out a slight awkward smile, and then 
               returns to her paper work. NOAH tries to return the favor, 
               but GLORIA has already diverted her attention back to her 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Hey... God? Right? God. Talking to 
                         God here... Aren't you supposed to 
                         judge me.

               GLORIA looks up from her work and smiles as she speaks.

                         He does. But God does have some 
                         attachments to certain human 
                         individuals, so he created a computer 
                         system that follows a formula to 
                         determine the righteous.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         God uses computers?

                         Well, how else do you think your 
                         world has them?

               GLORIA returns to her work, and shortly after, a ding is 
               heard. It sounds almost like an oven timer. GLORIA turns to 
               NOAH, smiles, and hands him a large stack of papers, stapled 
               together. NOAH is astonished by the side, and begins to flip 
               through it.


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I guess super staplers are something 
                         God kept to himself.

               GLORIA laughs, and hands him a pen.

                         Initial here please.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         What is all this?

                         Well, it's just a way for us to have 
                         on record that you agree to give up 
                         your mortal body in exchange for a 
                         decision concerning your immortal 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Oh, yeah... tha... wha?!

               Gloria raises her glasses further up her nose and rolls her 

                         You mean he didn't tell you? GOD!

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         What?! I'm busy.

                         I know this is when you burn army 
                         men with your magnifying glass...

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Is that literal?

                         But Noah Alexander was not informed 
                         of the procedures or the options 
                         concerning the future of his unlife.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Doesn't God have helpers to do this 
                         kind of thing for him? I mean, there's 
                         gotta be thousands of people dying 
                         every minute... I heard that from a 
                         commercial about smoking...

                         Well, this is a special case. Due to 
                         your relationships in your previous 


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Are you gonna hold my friendship 
                         with Daniel over my head? I didn't 
                         know he was a murderer, I swear.

                         No no. This concerns your relationship 
                         with Tiffany Lynn and the complicated 
                         nature of your death.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         ... Lynn?


               GABRIEL[ANGEL] still has his fencing sword placed underneath 
               TIFFANY LYNN'S neck.

                         You're the bitch that helped kill my 

               He pierces the skin slightly, and LYNN winces and loses her 
               abililty to scream for a moment.

                                     GABRIEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         I don't care what kind of Goddess 
                         you might be.

               DANIEL ORIEL has recovered behind GABRIEL and SLAMS the butt 
               of his shotgun into the back of GABRIEL'S head.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You'll never have the satisfation of 
                         touching such a Goddess.

               DANIEL drives the butt of his shotgun for GABRIEL[ANGEL]'S 
               skull, but GABRIEL seeps into the mirror. DANIEL'S gun SLAMS 
               into the mirror, shattering it into pieces, as 
               GABRIEL[ANGEL]'S body is seperated by how the glass shattered. 
               One shard has an eye, the other a nose, parts of his body, 
               everything just seperates.

               DANIEL looks down at shattered mirror and a single shard has 
               GABRIEL[ANGEL]'s mouth inside.

                         You killed my family Daniel... Be 
                         lucky, I didn't do the same to you. 

               DANIEL stomps the mirrored piece with GABRIEL[ANGEL]'s mouth, 
               and LIGHTNING CRASHES. 

               DANIEL turns to LYNN and holds her as she falls to her knees. 
               DANIEL rips off the arm of his shirt and wrapped it around 
               as loose as he can around the puncture wound. LYNN has lost 
               a bit of blood.


                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You're gonna be alright.

                              (shaking her head)
                         No. no. No.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         YOU ARE!
                         I promise you.

               The SEAL OPENS behind them, and DANIEL turns to see it.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         But we've got to go now.

               DANIEL lifts LYNN off her feet, picks up GABRIEL[ANGEL]'S 
               fencing sword, and carries LYNN past the seal into the next 

               INT. HEAVEN -- CONTINUOUS

               NOAH ALEXANDER stands there dumbfounded, looking above GLORIA 
               to where he persumed God to be.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER

                         It appears here you had a near death 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Who hasn't?

                         Hypocondriacs. Anyway, it appears 
                         that you were shot by a man, and 
                         almost died, had it not been for 
                         Tiffany Lynn.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         She saved my life...

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         That's the problem.

               GOD'S BOOMING VOICE takes NOAH by surprise. GLORIA turns her 
               computer toward NOAH to reveal the moment wherein he was 
               shot, and his memory of TIFFANY LYNN glowing above him as 
               she cradled him in her arms.

                                     GOD (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         You see, Tiffany Lynn was a member 
                         of the first Earth, 1982 to 2003.


               A profile of TIFFANY LYNN is shown on screen to NOAH 
               ALEXANDER, who stands there shocked. A list of her deeds, 
               both good and bad are there, along with the tag line of 1982-
               2004(Deceased) underneath her picture. There's also mention 
               of Earth 2, listed just in the lower right corner of the 

                                     GOD (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         Shortly after her death, she was 
                         given a choice, much like you're 
                         being presented right now. The choice 
                         to enter the kingdom of Heaven, or 
                         create her own world to her own 
                         specifications. She chose the latter, 
                         and she also gave up some rights to 
                         live inside the world she created.

               NOAH'S expression just slowly gets larger and larger, as his 
               mouth and eyes just widen slowly as GOD speaks.

                                     GOD (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         She's your God, you see... and you 
                         fell in love with her.


               DANIEL ORIEL steps through the final SEAL with TIFFANY LYNN 
               lying in his arms, fading from consiousness. He sees clouds, 
               much like the first room, and lying in the center of the 
               room is another podium, much like the other rooms wherein 
               DANIEL had to unlock the puzzle to pass on.

               That podium, contains a large STAFF, the SPEAR OF DESTINY. A 
               single light from above shines down, making it glow with 
               trascendant beauty. ORIEL places LYNN down next to the podium, 
               as he immediatly reaches for the STAFF. DANIEL grabs hold, 
               and pulls, but nothing happens.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         The hell?


               DANIEL drops down to her side almost immediatly.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Hang in there. You've got to be 

                         It's all over now.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         What are you talking about?


                         The world...

               She lets out a cough, and a bit of blood escapes from her 
               lips. DANIEL wipes it up quickly and begins to worry.

                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         It's ending.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         We've made it Lynn. We're going to 
                         save it. You hear me?

               He shakes her, as she doesn't respond.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         YOU HEAR ME! We're going to save the 

                         I... I think I'm dying again.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You're not going to... again?

                         The world is over.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         We did it Lynn. You're delirious. 
                         We've made it.
                         I'm so..
                              (stops, defiant)
                         We're going to save it. You're going 
                         to make it.

               DANIEL turns away, and grabs at the STAFF once more. It's 
               useless. He takes out the fencing sword and just begins to 
               strike it, hammering down apon it three or four times 
               violently and wildly. He squints his eyes and lowers his 
               head in defeat, astonishment, and almost sadness. DANIEL 
               looks to LYNN, who's no longer responding, and goes to tend 
               to her once more, before something catches the corner of his 

               A single small hole, just through the base of his podium. 
               Just big enough to fit the fencing sword through. DANIEL 
               reaches out and lightly grazes it with his finger tips, before 
               placing the fencing sword into it and through it. The single 
               beam of light that shined bursts out, illuminating the entire 
               room, as DANIEL reaches up and grabs ahold of the staff, and 
               easily lifts it out.

               DANIEL reaches down and lifts LYNN into his arms. Wit the 
               staff coupled underneath his armpit, the walls begin to shake.


               A large sound begins to rattle, as the walls begins to 

               As bits of pieces fall into a seemingly bottomless crator of 
               nothing, DANIEL races toward the only door left.

               A simple fire exit.

               INT. HEAVEN -- CONTINUOUS

               NOAH stand in front of GLORIA, awestruck.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         What does this mean?

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         First you have to get the context to 
                         get the meaning. You see, when Lynn 
                         died, she created a world, but she 
                         decided to live in it. Which means 
                         that your world is destined to die 
                         whenever she does. To balance the 
                         good of a God walking on the earth, 
                         an evil being was created. Almost 
                         like a sink drain, the world 
                         surrounding this evil man would slowly 
                         be corrupted, until the entire world 
                         would be consumed. Tiffany Lynn knew 
                         all of this... and she attempted to 
                         prevent it all.

               NOAH looked at GLORIA who shrugged her shoulders. GOD let 
               out a slight laugh.

                                     GOD (O.S.) (CONT'D)
                         Smart little girl. Very smart little 
                         girl... Choosing a Duck Billed 
                         Platypus to go to Daniel, simply 
                         genius. The most disbelievable thing 
                         summonded to this world in order to 
                         convey her messages. Sure, he was a 
                         messanger of God... but not of me. 
                         Miss Lynn used her omnipotence of 
                         her world to her advantage to help 
                         stop the spread of evil.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         But why Daniel?

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Isn't it obvious?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Maybe to a God, but dumb it down for 
                         us mere mortals if you will. 


                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Miss Lynn used Daniel Oriel to stop 
                         the spreading of evil in the world, 
                         because he was the one to cause it.

               EXT. WHITE ROOM -- ???

               DANIEL ORIEL, with LYNN in his arms and the staff clutched 
               close to his body, walks out of a PORTAL, much like the one 
               the DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS had opened earlier. But he walks 
               into a completely white room.  Almost as if it's a blank 
               slate, an empty canvas.

               DANIEL sets LYNN onto the ground, and props her head onto 
               his lap in an attempt to stop the blood from escaping as 
               quickly as it had been. He notices her closed eyes, and lets 
               out a whimper before burrying himself into her body.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Why... Why Why Why Why Why!

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         Because he is Satan. 

               INT. HEAVEN -- CONTINUOUS

               NOAH stands there, and SLAMS his hands down onto the podium 
               that GLORIA sits behind.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Why the HELL would you create 
                         something that isn't permanent!

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Why would you create something that 
                         is? Life is all about choices and 
                         changes. No world is meant to survive 
                         forever. We're simply biding our 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         For WHAT!?

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         The inevitable...

               EXT. WHITE ROOM -- CONTINUOUS

               DANIEL continues to cry into LYNN's body, before he raises 
               his head to the sky. He stands to his feet, letting LYNN 
               crumple to the ground.  Tears are streaming down his face, 
               as LYNN lets out a slight whimper, and her eyes slowly open.



               CORRESPONDING with her opening eyes, the world slowly returns 
               to them. DANIEL ORIEL stands on a busy street, THE busy street 
               that was frozen just outside of Daniel's Apartment. Only 
               now, things are much different. Everything is much darker, 
               buildings are rotted and near collapse. Fire rages on behind 
               them as police sirens sound out into the distance. DANIEL 
               stands, circling around to see everything that's happened. 
               The total degredation of their world.

                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         It's all my fault.

               DANIEL turns to her and shakes his head. He reaches down and 
               grabs both her shoulders to straighten her loose body out 
               and look him in the eyes.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         This is on my head. Let God rain 
                         down his anarchy as much as he wants. 
                         Don't blame yourself.

                              (out of breath)
                         No. No.

               DANIEL goes to wander away and do his job, but LYNN grabs 
               him by his arm and pulls him back.

                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         I'm God.

               DANIEL stands there, emotionless for a second, before breaking 
               out into laughter.

                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         It's all ending. Way too soon. Because 
                         of me...

               DANIEL stops laughing, and grows serious. Until a right hand 
               comes out of NOWHERE and KNOCKS DANIEL down.

               The right hand belonged to RAPHAEL[ANGEL], the first ANGEL 
               DANIEL ORIEL KILLED. He's still dressed like a doctor, but 
               now his ANGELIC WINGS have been extended. They're brown, 
               dusty, dark, and extend as far as a commuter bus.

               That's when GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL], GABRIEL[ANGEL], and PRIEST 
               URIEL[ANGEL] fly and land just behind him. GABRIEL[ANGEL] 
               holds the head of the DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS in his arms for 
               LYNN to see.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         This, is the result of your betrayel. 
                         The result of your deciet. The result 
                         of your deception. We warned you 
                         your world would end with bloodshed 
                         and sceams, but you pressed on.


               DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL] grabs LYNN by her throat and lifts her 
               off her feet, off the ground.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         You should have listened.

               He effortlessly tosses her through a building's wall. And by 
               the sounds of it, two or three more, before the building 
               slowly begins to crumble, burying her in the rubble.

               The DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL] turns toward his fellow ANGEL's, 
               and dusts his hands, a completed job. But when the world 
               refuses to fade away, the DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL] turns toward 
               the rubble, and begins to walk towards it.

               Only to be hit with the blunt edge of DANIEL'S shotgun.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         And you should have stayed dead.

               The DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL] wipes the blood from his mouth as 
               the other ANGEL'S begin to circle DANIEL.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Ah Daniel. The poor misguided fool. 
                         Can't you see she lied to you? Can't 
                         you see she used you to clean up the 
                         mess SHE caused by being here?! You 
                         kill the wicked, you dispose of the 
                         evil. You make deals with the devil 
                         everyday. One life for many. A life 
                         for peace. And you do it with a grin 
                         on your face. If Tiffany Lynn is 
                         truly God... what the HELL does that 
                         make you.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Prom King?

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Oh, right. You're created memories. 
                         Your fabrications. Your illusion. 
                         Lose it Daniel. Can't you realize 
                         this world was only created three 
                         weeks ago? That the day you met the 
                         Duck Billed Platypus was actually 
                         the first day of your world? That 
                         your memories aren't history, they're 
                         lies, more deciet perpetrated by the 
                         woman you love. Your mother was never 
                         killed in that fire you never set. 
                         Your father never gave you up for 
                         adoption. Your mother never even 
                         existed. Your father hasn't ever met 
                         you. You were never Prom King. Sandy 
                         Duncan never turned you down in Junior 


                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         Your high school girlfriend never 
                         had that abortion. You never had a 
                         choice to be whatever you wanted. 
                         All you've ever had is lies. Maybe 
                         that's why you can't see. This world 
                         was created by her for HER Amusement. 
                         Your world is the answer to that old 
                         philosphical question... the chicken 
                         came first.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         And here I am, listening to the 
                         chicken shit babble meaningless lies.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Why would I ever lie to you moments 
                         from your death?

               INT. HEAVEN -- CONTINUOUS

               NOAH ALEXANDER watches the carnage unfold on the monitor of 
               GLORIA's LAPTOP. 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Why would you tell me I'm gonna die 
                         when I plan to live forever?

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         For your crimes against the true God 
                         Daniel Oriel... You've been sentanced 
                         to death.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Stop this! Stop it now!

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         I can't. This is how world's end. 
                         There's no stopping it once it starts.

               EXT. STREETS -- CONTINUOUS

               DANIEL ORIEL stands in the middle of a circling ANGEL, the 
               WINGS create an entire boundary surrounding DANIEL, as they've 
               all been extended. DANIEL smiles. 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Try and Catch me.

               DANIEL throws down two smoke bombs, which fill the air. 
               There's a quick THUD, as the smoke slowly dissappates and 
               DANIEL ORIEL resides on the ground, punched by one of the 

                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL]
                         Come on Daniel. We're Angel's.


                                     GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         Our senses are much more sensitive 
                         than yours. Do you know how many 
                         battles we've won blinded?

               DANIEL recovers to his feet, and holds up the staff that 
               still resides in his hands. He begins to back up as the punch 
               from GENERAL MICHAEL has changed the circle surrounding him, 
               and given him an escape. He's biding his times.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         How many battles have you truly been 
                         at the disadvantage of?

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         We're four Angels, sent by God. Even 
                         if you kill us, we'll just be back 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Same time, same channel?

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         Something like that.

               Daniel begins to back up, toward the rubble that is the house 
               that TIFFANY LYNN was just thrown through. He holds the staff 
               out like a shield.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Well... if it'll stop carnage for a 

               DANIEL ATTACKS, driving his spear toward the GENERAL, who 
               dodges the blow. He grabs the Spear, and uses it to toss 
               DANIEL through a road sign and into the wall of a building 
               on the opposite side of where LYNN had been thrown.

               He hits the wall HARD, leaving an imprint of his body left 
               over as the shambles of rubble fall onto him, dusting his 
               hair much like it did to NOAH ALEXANDER earlier.

               INT. HEAVEN -- CONTINUOUS

               NOAH watches on, and gets worried. He turns his head upward.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         SEND ME BACK!


                                     GOD (O.S.)

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         But you said I had a choice. This is 
                         my choice. SEND ME BACK.


                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         The past is just that, looking back 
                         towards it will never allow us to 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Maybe it's easy for you to forget 
                         about things like Loyalty, but I 
                         just can't. And I won't.

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Loyalty to a murderer? You said it 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         This isn't about him.

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         There's no way to send you back. 
                         Your mortal body died. You've passed 
                         on to the next world. There is no 
                         returning to the old.

               NOAH groans in frustration and looks to GLORIA with big puppy 
               dog eyes. She raises her head to the heavens and smiles.

                         There is one way...

               INT. STREETS -- CONTINUOUS

               DANIEL ORIEL recovers from the blow, slowly pushing his worn 
               and tattered body to it's feet. He dusts himself off, pulls 
               out a cigarette, and lights it.

               Before the fire from the light shoots back into DANIEL'S 

               PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL] has his palm out toward DANIEL, as he 
               has been the one to manipulate the fire. DANIEL flails back, 
               and drops to his knees, covering his face. His eyebrows and 
               the top of his hair has been scorched, but still, he grabs 
               the dropped cigarette and takes a drag, letting it dangle in 
               his mouth.

               And then in a flash, he pulls out two shotguns and fires.

               Only to have GABRIEL thrust two fencing swords into the 
               barrels. They blow back, the shotgun exploding in DANIEL's 
               hands, as the resonation nearly breaks every bone in his 
               hand. DANIEL falls to his knees, and winces in pain, as the 
               ANGELS begin to congregate overtop of him.

                                     DOCTOR RAPHAEL[ANGEL]
                         You may have gotten lucky against us 
                         one on one, but did you truly think 
                         you could beat us all?


               Just then, in the air, an ANGEL FLIES into view, crossing 
               over the moon. The ANGEL flies down and lands behind the 
               four ARCHANGEL'S.

               It's NOAH ALEXANDER, wings extended and glowing with a white 
               purity not seen in any of the others.

               He's back.

               NOAH extends his wings behind the ANGEL'S and uses one of 
               them to swipe all four away from DANIEL, and send them flying 
               down the street. They land with a thud about fifteen feet 
               away from where they once were. DANIEL stands to his feet, 
               eyes wide in shock at NOAH ALEXANDER standing before him.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Look at me. I'm pretty now!

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You've still got that ugly face 

               DANIEL and NOAH turn toward the ANGELS and stand side by 
               side. As the other four ANGELS return to their feet, a large 
               cement wall PEALS off of it's hinges and SLAMS into them, 
               taking them into the nearest building on the other side of 
               the street and sandwiching them like pancakes.

               The RUBBLE that TIFFANY LYNN had fallen into BURSTS up off 
               of the ground as she escapes, and dusts herself off. She 
               walks out of the rubble and walks toward the four angels, as 
               DANIEL and NOAH tip toe behind her, cautious of her state of 
               mind, as she looks quite angry.

                         I am a GOD here. There isn't anything 
                         in this world I can't control. I'm 
                         Tiffany Lynn, and you dare try to 
                         kill ME?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Uhmmm.. Lynn? You're scaring me.

                         Look at this world now. Look at what 
                         they've done to it. Look at what 
                         they BLAME us for. The Preservation 
                         of our species has never been in our 
                         hands... but it should-
                              (catching herself)
                         OH MY GOD! NOAH!

               She races up toward him and gives him a huge hug. The wings 
               circle around NOAH's body and squeeze her in tight. NOAH 
               just smiles.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER


               The ROCKS begin to move on top of the four angels. DANIEL 
               ORIEL pulls out two colt 45's, and aims them toward the moving 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         They're moving.

               LYNN escapes the hug, and turns toward DANIEL.

                         Then so should we.
                              (to Noah)

               NOAH drops back a few steps and charges toward them. He leaps 
               off his feet, spreads his wings and grabs DANIEL and LYNN 
               around their midsections, before flying off into the evening 

               EXT. OVER THE TOWN -- NIGHT

               NOAH ALEXANDER flies in the air, holding DANIEL and LYNN in 
               his arms underneath him. Almost like a hang-glider. He's 
               whisking around buildings, using the city's skyline as an 
               obstacle course. DANIEL is attempting to fiddle with the 
               STAFF OF DESTINY.

                         You look very pretty Noah.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Told you Daniel.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         How the hell did you come back anyway?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER

                         You met God?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Two of em today already.

               NOAH smiles to LYNN.

                         How was he?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Pretty cool. We played checkers.
                              (off to side)
                         I don't really like checkers anymore.

               There's a slight pause, as DANIEL hears a click.


                         Got it?

               DANIEL presses a button, and there's a huge white flash that 
               engulfs the three of them. They disappear, leaving only a 
               trial of smoke in their wake.


               At this point in the time, the city has yet to be destroyed, 
               and as such, NOAH ALEXANDER flies DANIEL and LYNN face first 
               into the side of an erected office building.

               INT. OFFICE ROOM -- AFTERNOON

               NOAH ALEXANDER swoops in, shielding DANIEL and LYNN from the 
               glass with his wings, before hitting the ground hard with a 
               thud, and tuck and rolling over onto his back.

               The office is completely dark, empty, vacated. There's a 
               sign that says "Happy Birthday Julie" with just the first 
               piece of cake cut out, and dropped on the floor.

               There's absolute silence, as DANIEL looks forward, through 
               the broken shards of glass that he had just entered through.

                         What is it?

               DANIEL CHARGES toward the window and races out, leaping out 
               arms extended onto the swooping ARCHANGEL PRIEST URIEL.

               ORIEL tackles him and throws him off his flight pattern, 
               sending him arching into another office building on the other 
               side of them.


               DANIEL ORIEL AND PRIEST URIEL come CRASHING through the 
               window, but much tougher than they did with NOAH bracing 
               them. DANIEL tucks and rolls nearly across the room, as PRIEST 
               URIEL rolls over a wing and lets out a scream.

               DANIEL hobbles to his feet, and winces.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         So... you feel pain... Good.

               DANIEL grabs a paper clip off of a desk and walks over, as 
               PRIEST URIEL clutches his broken wing.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         That means you have something to 
                         lose here.

               ORIEL reaches the PRIEST, and DRIVES the tip of the paper 
               clip inches into his neck.


                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)

               Daniel steps down onto URIEL'S broken wing, and kneals on 
               top of it as he speaks to the PRIEST.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         You'll tell me what I want to know 
                         and I'll break your other wing.

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         Don't you mean, or?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Why me. WHY DID SHE CHOOSE ME!

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         Poor Daniel...

               PRIEST URIEL uses his free wing, and SLAMS it into ORIEL's 
               body, sending him FLYING out of the window and tumbling over 
               the edge.

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         You'll never know.

               EXT. OFFICE ROOM 2 -- CONTINUOUS

               DANIEL falls, and desperately reaches out with his staff. A 
               bright flash, and the PUFF of smoke from his evaperation 
               lands on the ground, sending a bit of a wind burst with it 
               to send the papers surrounding it flying away off into 
               different directions.


               LYNN and NOAH can't believe what they just saw and race up 
               to the edge. Just then, DANIEL comes FLYING down from above...

                                     DANIEL ORIEL

               NOAH looks toward LYNN and then dives out.

               LYNN stands there for a moment, and then a TRUMPET blares 
               out in the background, nearly shattering LYNN's ear drums.  
               She falls to her knees, as the clouds turn dark, and it slowly 
               begins to rain... first hail... and then blood, slowly 
               trickling down the windowsill. 


               NOAH HURLS his body downward like a swimmers diver, attempting 
               to gain steam like a torpedo.  The blood and hail fall above 
               him as he's basically outraced it.


               Noah falls through the air and grabs DANIEL, before extending 
               his wings and SWOOPING away once more.

               NOAH changes his flight pattern to return LYNN, but DANIEL 
               grabs him by his hair to look him in the eyes.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Take me back. Uriel's weak. We've 
                         gotta take advantage of this.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Fine. But I don't want you to go and 
                         die. I've saved your life too many 
                         times to hate you anymore. I've become 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         ... Thanks?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         You're like my stock portfolio.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         That's not even bordering on 
                         compliment anymore.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I'm serious. If you die, you're 
                         breaking your contract to save this 
                         world. I'll send lawyers to your 
                         gravestone and write "likes cock" 
                         under your name... if you even get 

               NOAH drops DANIEL and he SAILS into the office building room 
               that URIEL was in, shown by the broken glass.

               INT. OFFICE ROOM 2 -- CONTINUOUS

               DANIEL flies into the room, tackling PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL], 
               who was recovering to his feet. He lands on URIEL's good 
               win, and IMMEDIATLY SNAPS IT into kindling. URIEL lets out a 
               scream, as DANIEL places his boot over URIEL'S NECK.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Let's try this again, shall we?

               PRIEST URIEL coughs in pain, and spits up a bit of liquid, 
               presumably blood.

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL]
                         Because you're willing to do this... 
                         to get answers...

               DANIEL pulls out the paper clip and takes a few steps 
               backward, as URIEL smiles


                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         Chicken or the egg Daniel... did we 
                         make you what you are, or is this 
                         all your fault? And the thing is... 
                         you will never know.

               DANIEL is still in a state of shock and looks at the paper 
               clip in his hands, which has a fine coating of the Angel's 
               blood on it. 

                                     PRIEST URIEL[ANGEL] (CONT'D)
                         At least you have great purpose. 
                         Sure, you won't live forever... but 
                         you'll make sure everyone else won't 

               DANIEL walks up to the PRIEST, and points his shotgun into 
               his face.  URIEL holds out a trumpet, and presses it to his 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         See you tomorrow.

               A loud TRUMPET blares, from URIEL... before... 



               The shotgun blast is heard by LYNN in the OTHER office room 
               as NOAH swoops back onto the ledge. He pulls his wings in 
               and walks through the opening of the glass window.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I can't imagine Daniel's having a 
                         tea party with Uriel, so we've gotta 
                         think fast.

               They stop for a moment, as LYNN thinks.  NOAH just seems 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Faster than that!

               Suddenly, a large BLAST is heard, and seen through the broken 
               window and in the distance.  It's a volcano, that was never 
               there before.  It spits out sulfer and lava, almost like a 
               single beam upward.  NOAH and LYNN duck and cover as the 
               sulfer and lava(coupled with blood and hail) fall from the 

               INT. OFFICE ROOM 2 -- CONTINUOUS

               An image of the ocean seaport, on the opposite side of where 
               the volcano is, over DANIEL'S shoulder as the sulfer and 
               lava falls into the ocean's bed, turning it into a crimson 
               red.  DANIEL stands over the fallen URIEL, his face splattered 
               with blood.


               He lights up a cigarette as he watches the sulfer and blood 
               rain down.  He almost seems peaceful, calm even.

               NOAH and LYNN fly in through the shattered window, NOAH's 
               bright white wings now covered in blood.

               LYNN sees URIEL and falls to her knees, almost throwing up 
               in the process.  

               NOAH walks over to DANIEL and stands beside him, looking 
               down at the fallen body of PRIEST URIEL.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Welp, you can kiss that security 
                         deposit Goood-bye.

               DANIEL throws NOAH a look and quickly turns away from him, 
               back to LYNN.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         We have to move.

                         Move?!?  Where?!?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I hear Florida's nice this time of 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         It's started, we can't stay here.  
                         We can delay the train from taking 
                         off but there's no way to stop it 
                         once it's started.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Are...  You comparing the Apocolypse 
                         to a train?!

               A third TRUMPET BLARES OUT, and a large star FALLS from the 
               heavens.  It crashes into the blood infest waters, sending a 
               shock wave of water flying into the air almost like a nuclear 
               bomb.  NOAH and LYNN take cover, as DANIEL looks on dismayed.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         There's nothing we can do here...

               DANIEL pulls out the SPEAR/STAFF OF DESTINY, and repeats the 
               previous process.  A bright FLASH of light appears, and when 
               it's gone, so are our three characters.

               The fourth TRUMPET BLARES through the silence.


               The SUN, slowly dims, turns into a cresant moon.  Almost 
               like a dimmer switch, the world slowly fades.

               EXT. STREETS -- CONTINUOUS

               The image pauses for a moment as the lights slowly dim, and 
               finish dimming.

               EXT. STREETS -- CONTINUOUS

               The lights dim even further now, as it's become night.  A 
               bright FLASH of light reilluminates the entire area, as 
               DANIEL, LYNN, and NOAH reappear.

               They're on same street as always, as NOAH sighs.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Can't we get some more scenary?  

               A small child in rags walks up to DANIEL, and holds out a 

                         I challenge you! 

               DANIEL gives him a weird look, as the CHILD begins to play a 
               song, not unlike the "Devil Went Down to Georgia." He does 
               his thing, as DANIEL sighs.  The CHILD hands DANIEL the 
               fiddle, urging him to play.  But ORIEL pulls out his shotgun 
               and blasts the kid in the face.


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Woah.  Tough critic.

                         What are you doing?  We're trying to 
                         save the LIVES of these people, not 
                         kill them ourselves!

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         We don't have the time Lynn

                         MAKE the time.

               DANIEL laughs.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Don't make me hurt you.

                         Like you could.

               DANIEL walks off, as LYNN follows.


                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         Answer me Daniel.  Tell me why I 
                         shouldn't kill you where you stand.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Because you need me to do the work 
                         you can't do.

               DANIEL walks off into the distance as LYNN just stands there, 
               confused and distraught.  NOAH looks down at the small child's 
               corpse, and continues his stride following DANIEL.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                              (to Lynn as he walks 
                         Told you so.

               EXT. COFFEE SHOP -- NIGHT

               DANIEL ORIEL stands just outside of the front door of the 
               coffee shop, as NOAH and LYNN walk up behind him.

                         What are-

                                     DANIEL ORIEL

               DANIEL presses his ear against the door, and hears.

                                     WAITRESS (O.S.)
                         With your coffee. Is there anything 
                         else I can do?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (O.S.)
                         No... everything's fine.

               LYNN and NOAH realize that DANIEL is inside, as they press 
               their ears up against the door as well.


               DANIEL is sitting, drinking some coffee that the WAITRESS 
               just poured.  She's already heading in the opposite direction.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (O.S.)
                              (to self)
                         Dandy even...

               He takes a sip of his coffee, and that's when the focus is 
               taken off of him, and onto TIFFANY LYNN, who doesn't like to 
               be called TIFF. She smiles toward Daniel, and waves, but 
               Daniel can't see as she's toward his side. She tries again, 
               but that's when a man from behind wraps his forearm around 
               her neck and fires a shot off into the ceiling. Chaos erupts, 
               and this immediatly grabs Daniel's attention. The man is the 
               man from the teaser, known as the Robber now.


                         This is what you would call... What's 
                         the word? A robbery.

               He drags LYNN toward the counter, and points the gun toward 
               the merchant.

                                     ROBBER (CONT'D)
                         Open the register.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You're robbing a coffee shop?

               Daniel has returned his gaze toward his coffee, an emotionless 

                         What's it to you?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Oh, nothing. I can see a person 
                         robbing a bank, I can see them robbing 
                         a home, but how much do you truly 
                         expect to pull off of a local coffee 

                         I'd be careful if I were you. You 
                         willing to die to stop a robbery?
                              (turns toward Clerk)
                         I don't hear money!

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Not as such, no, but...

               He stands, turns, and the Robber cocks his gun toward him, 
               giving his hostage, Lynn, a bit of pressure on her neck.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         Your human shield, happens to be my 

                         Then everyone better remain shiny, 
                         and we'll all be brighter when it's 
                         said and done.

                         Daniel, don't.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You don't know what you're doing 

                         You're right. Here I thought I was 
                         flying to England. Thank you for 
                         clearing up my misconception!


                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         That's not what I mean. Once you 
                         head down this road, there are no 
                         off ramps. Your world has ended.

                         Funny, because it seems to me that 
                         the only life that could end today 
                         is her's.

               He yanks her by her throat, and then turns toward the Clerk.

                                     ROBBER (CONT'D)
                         And this guy who's taking forever to 
                         give me what's mine!

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You don't want to do this. I know.

               He looks down for a split second, but then looks back up. 
               Close up to see his eyes, and they are emotionless once again.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         I could kill you before you squeeze 
                         that trigger.
                              (he smiles, and opens 
                              his eyes)
                         It's something you should know.

                         Oh, big man here, thinking he can be 
                         a hero. And yet, I don't feel my 
                         life is threatened.
                              (turns to Lynn)
                         Do you?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         I know you're type. You pick a coffee 
                         shop because you think it'll be an 
                         easy job. But it hasn't been, has 
                         I can hear the sirens. I can hear 
                         your screams. This hasn't exactly 
                         gone as planned, has it?


               DANIEL, LYNN, and NOAH listen intently.  A RANDOM MAN walks 

                                     RANDOM MAN
                         You know they're open, right?


               DANIEL continues his speech, uninterrupted.


                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Taken a bit too long from point a to 
                         point c. You're shaking. The palms 
                         of your hands are no doubt sweating. 
                         I've got to ask if you can accept 
                         the fact that pulling that trigger 
                         will make that sweat turn to blood. 
                         And no matter how hard you try to 
                         get rid of it, your hands will always 
                         be a lighter shade of pink for it. 
                         So, you have your jack showing, but 
                         I've got to imagine that you don't 
                         have an ace in the hole. You don't 
                         have what it takes to kill someone.

               The robber is ancy, bouncing back and forth, and then points 
               his gun toward Daniel.

                         Wanna bet?

               A shot rings out from his nine millimeter, but it doesn't 
               hit Daniel. It goes over his shoulder, and catches a random 
               male in the shoulder.  The random male is none other than 
               NOAH ALEXANDER.  It sends him sprawling down toward the 
               ground, screaming in pain.

                                     ROBBER (CONT'D)

               He holds the gun toward Lynn, aimed at the side of her head.

                                     ROBBER (CONT'D)
                         House wins.

               NOAH ALEXANDER is screaming in pain.


               NOAH turns to LYNN.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Is that what I sound like when I'm 
                         shrieking in terror?


               DANIEL ORIEL is in shock, and is trying to get the ROBBER to 
               calm down. The Robber points the gun toward the Clerk.

                         Don't make me do it.

               Daniel grabs a knife that was sitting by his cake, and chucks 
               it at the robber's hand. It doesn't do anything, it just 
               clangs against it, as the Robber turns his attention toward 


                                     ROBBER (CONT'D)
                         Honestly. How was that going to work?

               With the Robber's attention on Daniel, LYNN mule kicks him 
               between the legs, and she slips out of his grasp. At that 
               moment, Daniel pulls out a Colt 45 six shooter, and catches 
               the Robber in the leg. He screams out in pain, and hits the 
               ground hard. Daniel walks up toward him, and pulls out his 
               shotgun, which is strapped around his leg and midsection, 
               and aims it at him.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You threatened the one person in 
                         this world I care about, you shoot 
                         an innocent victim and you put every 
                         single person in this room in danger. 
                         So I wonder... why should I spare 

               Daniel puts his shotgun back around his waist. The Robber is 
               relieved, when Daniel pulls out the colt 45 once more. He 
               unloads it, dropping the bullets out and catching one in the 
               palm of his hand. He puts it back into the barrel.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         Because it's not for me to judge. 
                         You are not evil. True and true, you 
                         are a misguided fool playing a game 
                         you can not begin to understand.

               Lynn, who has gone over to the Fallen man named NOAH 

                         Are you okay?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I don't think okay is an answer on 
                         this multiple choice quiz.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         The bible tells us that we should 
                         not be the judge of others. That God 
                         alone must judge.

               He spins, making the bullet in the chamber be random.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         Let's leave it to the fates, shall 

               BACK to NOAH and LYNN, as NOAH is fading.

                         You're alright.  You're going to be 


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Wow... you're glowing...

               LYNN stares confused.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Is anyone else cold?

               NOAH passes out in LYNN's arm.

               BACK TO DANIEL, still pointing his colt 45 toward the ROBBER.

               Click. No bullet leaves. The Robber, still in pain, winces, 
               as Daniel turns and leaves. Lynn is just shocked, in awe, as 
               she tries attending to Noah.

                         Help me here!

               DANIEL rushes over to her side and tends to the wound.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Someone call an ambulance!

               During the commotion, the ROBBER SCRAMBLES on his feet and 
               out the front door.


               Into the awaiting arms of DANIEL ORIEL.

                         Hey, what's-

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Come with us.

               DANIEL CLOCKS the ROBBER in the face, and drags him off.


               DANIEL ORIEL has the ROBBER tied to a chair inside his 
               apartment.  EVERYTHING that was destroyed in the opening ten 
               pages is crystal clear and perfect.  There are a few less 
               cigarettes on his table, but on a whole, it's all the same.

               DANIEL tosses a glass of water into the ROBBER'S face, 
               awakening him from his unconsious state.

                         Wha-What's going on?
                         You again?

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Tell us why you're special.


                         What?  What are you talking about?

               DANIEL pulls out an electric screw driver, and presses the 
               switch to turn it on.  It SPINS and BUZZES, as the ROBBER 
               looks on worried.  DANIEL presses it close to the ROBBER'S 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Tell us why you're special, or I'll 
                         turn you into the biggest walking 
                         pirate cliche you've ever seen.

               NOAH looks on, as if something's caught his eye.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER

                         ... Noah?  What's with the wing 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         YOU SHOT ME!

                         That was you?  Oh shit.  Are you 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         What a question.

               NOAH turns around and throws his arms up into the air.  The 
               wings come up slightly with him before falling a bit.

                         Listen, I don't know what you guys 
                         are talking about.  What the hell is 
                         going on here?  How did you beat me 
                         outside the coffee shop, and why do 
                         you have wings now?!

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         The world's ending.  I died and became 
                         an Angel.  Daniel over here is the 
                         spawn of Satan and Lynn is the God 
                         of our world.  We're trying to save 
                         it, but we need your help.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         I'm Satan's child?

                         No, I think you are Satan.


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Are you sure?  I swore God said "Spawn 
                         of Satan."

                         I could be wrong.  Oh wait, no, I'm 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Of this world sure, but how many 
                         worlds out there are you worthless 

                         You go all out Noah, I'll give you 

               NOAH and LYNN turn to him, confused.

                                     ROBBER (CONT'D)
                         The wings were a brilliant touch.  
                         Now, if you don't mind untying me, 
                         I'll be on my way.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         This isn't some practical joke.

               DANIEL SHOVES the electric screwdriver into his shoulder.  
               DANNY the ROBBER screams.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Believe me when I say, I will hurt 
                         you for answers.

                         Why wouldn't you just kill me when 
                         you're done with me then?

               DANIEL turns away slightly, and then reverts his head back 
               to the ROBBER.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Why, are you special?

                         I DON'T KNOW.

               DANIEL turns to LYNN.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         He doesn't know?


                         Did you know your destiny before it 
                         happened too, or are you just 
                         expecting special circumstances here.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         You know what, screw this.

               DANIEL pulls out his shotgun and aims it at the ROBBER.  He 
               shrieks, NOAH Shrieks, and LYNN looks worried.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         Tell me what's going to happen Lynn, 
                         why you sent me to get the staff to 
                         save this creature.  Tell me or I'll 
                         kill him right now.

                         Please do.  I'm in immense pain 

                         We're wasting time...

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Tell me.

               He pumps the barrel of the shotgun.

                         It was a lie, alright?

               DANIEL lowers his shotgun in stunned silence.

                                     LYNN (CONT'D)
                         We needed you to get the staff so we 
                         could have a chance of saving our 
                         world.  This was the only way we 
                         could think to motivate you.  I don't 
                         know if this man has any part of the 
                         final battle, I hardly know him.  
                         The only thing I can tell you is 
                         that nothing is written in stone 
                         now, because of you, because of this 
                         lie... we all have a chance to 

               DANIEL lowers his head, and then turns to LYNN and looks her 
               in the eye.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         If you tell me one more lie, whether 
                         it's by omission or whatever, I'm 
                         out of here.  I'd rather die and 
                         burn for eternity than see someone I 
                         care about continually hurt me...

               DANIEL turns away and walks into his BATHROOM.


                         Is it safe for me to call that guy 
                         an asshole now?


               DANIEL stares in the bathroom mirror, much like before. 
               Softer, almost muffled noises are heard in the background 
               from the other room.

                                     ROBBER (O.S.)
                         Is it safe for me to call that guy 
                         an asshole now?

                                     LYNN (O.S.)
                         We gotta think of something.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         We could always walk into those other 
                         four angels again and you can drop a 
                         wall on them.

                                     ROBBER (O.S.)

                                     LYNN (O.S.)
                         I mean, Daniel's gotta be back soon.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (O.S.)
                         He's just in the bathroom.

                                     LYNN (O.S.)
                         No, this timeline's Daniel. Haven't 
                         you seen the back to the future 

                                     ROBBER (O.S.)
                         I have. I could draw diagrams if you 
                         loosen these ropes... 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (O.S.)
                         I think you know that I haven't.

                                     LYNN (O.S.)
                         I do... I just wanted comfirmation.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (O.S.)
                         Losing the ol' God Muscles, eh chief?

                         Well, in the movies, you couldn't 
                         interact with yourself or people you 
                         know in your world because it'll 
                         disrupt the timeline that we were 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (O.S.)


                                     LYNN (O.S.)
                         It's true. Like, say if you met 
                         yourself tonight. You have no memory 
                         of meeting yourself in the past, but 
                         now you do. So the you that existed 
                         without that memory is no more.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (O.S.)

                                     LYNN (O.S.)
                         So, if you don't exist, you can never 
                         go back in time and meet yourself, 
                         and therefore the meeting never took 
                         place, and you exist as you are again. 
                         But then you go back in time and you 
                         disrupt it.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (O.S.)
                         I dunno. Seems to me all I'm doing, 
                         all we're doing is creating an 
                         alternative dimension by just being 
                         here, aren't we? I mean, we're not 
                         saving the world... we're creating a 
                         whole new one. Isn't that all we 
                         have to do? Create a new universe 
                         wherein our world continues to exist? 
                         All we have to do is re-write destiny, 
                         change the way things were to be. 
                         And if there's anyone that can help 
                         us change destiny, it's the author 

                         If I was saying this, here is where 
                         you would butt in with an 
                         inappropriate author's name from our 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Well no.... Well, yes. But it'd be a 
                         good joke.

                         It wouldn't be. It really wouldn't.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Yeah, well, if you're my God, you're 
                         the one giving me the crap material.

                         It's funny. From a distance.

                         Can you just kill me now? Because 
                         this is all torture to me.

               DANIEL turns from the mirror and walks out with authority.



               DANIEL steps into the room and grabs the ROBBER's tied chair, 
               lifts it off the ground, and hurls it a few feet toward the 
               nearest window. It lands with a thud, as the ROBBER lands 
               hard on his wounded shoulder. DANIEL steps closer to his 
               face, and places his boot over his cheek.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         If you knew what torture was, you 
                         wouldn't make light of it.

               DANIEL removes his boot and dusts his hands.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         The next time I see you doing 
                         something stupid, I'll show you it's 
                         true meaning.

               DANIEL turns toward LYNN and NOAH, holding out the STAFF OF 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         Time to see the big man.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         I hope you don't mean Louie Anderson.

               And with a FLASH of light, all three characters are gone, 
               leaving the ROBBER, helpless on the ground.

                         Uh... guys? You there?


               Looking inside we see the ROBBER still tied to the chair.

                         I've got work tomorrow.

                                      END OF ACT TWO


                                        ACT THREE

               INT. HEAVEN -- CONTINUOUS

               GLORIA is sitting at her desk, typing. Just beyond the gates 
               of Heaven, she watches monitors and sees a taping of a 
               television show. She laughs during it's laugh track.

               Until a BRIGHT WHITE FLASH of light appears and SMOKE 
               dissapates, and it reveals none other than LYNN, DANIEL ORIEL, 
               and NOAH ALEXANDER, covered in blood and looking as if they've 
               been in one hellacious battle.

               GLORIA falls back in her chair at shock. Heaven turns RED, 
               the clouds, the gates, everything is just red until it returns 
               to normal and begins to flash. It's an alarm.  They then 
               suddenly remain red, as if the alarm is stuck. DANIEL 
               brandishes dueling shotguns and waits, as PRIEST URIEL flies 
               down from the heavens. He matches in perfectly, almost 

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Daniel! No!

               Priest URIEL slams his fist into DANIEL ORIEL'S skull as the 
               lights have made him nearly invisible. DANIEL flies back and 
               drops his shotguns in the process. NOAH gets CLOCKED in the 
               face and send sprawling over the desk and into GLORIA's 
               shrieking lap.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         Hi again.

               PRIEST URIEL grabs LYNN by her throat and lifts her off her 
               feet. His hand wrapped around her neck begins to lightly 
               singe, and then begin to burn full on. Smoke rises as LYNN 
               lets out a cry of pain.

               NOAH bursts up from behind the desk and screams.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)

               PRIEST URIEL actually does, and drops LYNN down to her feet.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         I don't want a fight.

               NOAH walks up and SMACKS URIEL in the face with a wicked 
               right cross. He falls to his knees, as NOAH holds his hand 
               in pain.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         I'm sorry, I really don't want to 
                         fight but I was still pissed from 
                         that sucker punch earlier.
                              (to above)
                         Hey God?!


                                     GOD (O.S.)

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         What's your name?

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Hmmmm... I was around before things 
                         such as names existed... I guess 
                         it's whatever you'd wish to call me.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Okay. Listen Charlie.

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Not Charlie.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Brett. We've got a proposition for 

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         It's not kinky, is it?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Heaven's no.

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Good. Cuz I'm catholic.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         You are.

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Sure. Parts of me.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Cool... Cool... Nother question while 
                         I have you. Are people just individial 
                         cells in a larger organism wherein 
                         we perform functions in our world 
                         that actually affect our body? Like, 
                         littering gives our host an itch or 

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         If that were the case, how could you 
                         be here?

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         True... True... Wow. You're just an 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Yes Daniel?


                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         What the fuck are you doing.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         C'mon. When the hell are we gonna 
                         have another oppertuinity like this.

               DANIEL thinks, and NOAH begins to speak.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                              (cutting him off)
                         Why don't I ever win the lottery? 

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Because you'd be unhappy even with 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         Guess it's the real deal. Listen, 
                         God, Here it is. You save our world 
                         from it's demise, you change our 
                         destiny and let us live our lives...

               DANIEL pulls out the staff and holds it out above his head.

                                     DANIEL ORIEL (CONT'D)
                         And you get the Spear of Destiny 

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Is this what you want Tiffany Lynn? 
                         Your imperfect world returned to 

                         It may not be perfect... but it's 
                         the only place I've ever fit in...

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Ah... I remember a time like that. 
                         It was Super Bowl 3... I never bled 
                         Jet green as much as I did that day.
                         I'll do it.

               LYNN smiles and HUGS DANIEL.

               NOAH takes a step forward.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         What was your least favorite sporting 


                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Hmmm... I didn't like Boston losing 
                         in 86 but I had to do it to give the 
                         fans the bigger pay off in 04...
                         Oh, and there was also the death 
                         torture of my son.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         That was a sporting event?

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         They sold tickets.

               NOAH turns to LYNN and DANIEL, who are still in their embrace. 
               He coughs to get their attention.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         So... guess I won't see ya guys for 
                         a while. But keep in touch. My e-
                         mail's Noah Alexander earth two  at 
                         god, G-O-D-D, world dot com... hey, 
                         why is this mispelled?

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Oh, it's not mispelled. That's how I 
                         sign my name.  I think it's cooler.

               DANIEL extends his hand to NOAH and they shake. 

                                     DANIEL ORIEL
                         I'm not going to write to you, but... 

               LYNN walks up and HUGS NOAH hard.

                         I'm gonna miss ya.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         For a little bit, then you'll find 
                         the next hopeless basketcase to 

                         No really. You gotta visit.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         If I can get rid of these unnatural 
                         wings, I'll give you a call.

               DANIEL and LYNN wrap around one another, as DANIEL raises 
               his hands to the sky in a thumbs up. And then in a flash of 
               light, and a poof of smoke, they disappear. 


                                     NOAH ALEXANDER (CONT'D)
                         A double d... It's like that stupid 
                         Z at the end of names.

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         I always thought that was cool.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         You know, the D is going to come on 
                         strong nowadays.

                                     NOAH ALEXANDER
                         Really? I doubt it.

                                     GOD (O.S.)
                         Hey, I'm God.  I know things.


               DANIEL and TIFFANY LYNN reappear together, locked in arms. 
               They look toward one another as DANIEL goes to pull away, 
               but LYNN keeps her arms wrapped around her waist.  There's a 
               slight hesitation, as they slowly kiss.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         Daniel Oriel and Tiffany Lynn fell 
                         madly in love.

               INT. DANIEL'S HOUSE -- DAY

               DANIEL is fixing a couch that was messed up recently. TIFFANY 
               LYNN walks in through the front door and walks toward DANIEL, 
               walking into his arms and giving him a huge kiss. 

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         Together, the bore three children.

               The kids all run into frame.

                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         Don't tell Daniel, but one of them 
                         is set to destroy the world... again. 
                         Heh. Runs in the family, doesn't it?

               INT. HEAVEN -- CONTINUOUS

               NOAH ALEXANDER is clearly flirting with GLORIA, who is 
               laughing hysterically at all of his jokes and quips.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         Noah Alexander remained in heaven 
                         and slowly nurtured a relationship 
                         with my Secretary, Gloria. They are 
                         still together today.


               INT. CLOUDS -- AFTERNOON

               DOCTOR RAPHAEL stands watch.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         My Angels continue to guard the Staff 
                         of Destiny, 

               INT. FLAME'S HELL -- EVENING

               PRIEST URIEL guards over his world, pacing, fire sword 
               brandished and dueling with the air.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         in the grim case that it were to be 
                         targeted again.

               INT. SHADOWS -- CONTINUOUS

               GENERAL MICHAEL[ANGEL] sits over a desk in his room, planning 
               his next defense strategy.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         They continue to train and better 

               INT. MIRRORCLE

               GABRIEL[ANGEL] swooshes from mirror to mirror, as if racing 
               to up his speed.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         in order not to fail me once more.

               INT. HEAVEN

               The DUCK BILLED PLATYPUS is in HEAVEN, enjoying a mixer. 
               He's talking to a few humans.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         The Duck Billed Platypus was brought 
                         to Heaven.

               A few of the women he was talking to simply blow him off and 

                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                         He has yet to make any real friends.

               INT. HEAVEN

               A clear picture of the vaste emptiness of Heaven.

                                     GOD (V.O.)
                         As for me? I await the next soul to 
                         enter my world. Could it be you?


                                     GOD (V.O.) (CONT'D)
                              (pause, chuckle)
                         You'll know when you know.

                                                                  FADE OUT: