[valerie.kierson] - Valerie is a person who feels quite alienated and alone, so when she finds Midus and Jackson in this new place, she immediatly latches onto them. She's kind, sweet, sensitive, caring, intelligent, but quite naive and not very aware of the world around her. She has absolutely no experience in relationships beyond friendship, and she seems to always be overwhelmed by her parents and the pressures they put on her, as well as the pressures of social society. Even so, she always there when she's needed.
[favorite.tv.show] - Everybody Loves Raymond
[favorite.band.currently] - Fuel
[favorite.movies] -

"No! No! We're not going out! We're following the itinerary... (she looks at it) Which is we stay in our rooms like prisinors for the rest of the day and watch the only thing available on tv... a marathon of Step by Step... (sighs) I'm in."
"Can I be a polar bear?"
"Okay, now tell the version of the story where you AREN'T on crack."
"I know the powers out, but I still hoped that the television and stereos would worked."
"I... am me... Nice of you to notice."

Regular Character : Season 1
1x01: [the.black.album]
1x02: [campsite.hijinx]
1x03: [before.the.big.room.w/.lots.of.people]
1x04: [the.big.room.w/.lots.of.people]
1x05: [jacksonlantern]
1x06: [everyone.to.the.principal's.office]
1x07: [there.is.an.ending!.honest]
1x08: [a.swank.party]
1x09: [the.special.episodes.Vol.1]
1x10: [bando.bandaid]
1x11: [series.finale]

Recurring Character
Regular Character : Season 2
2x01: [pawn.shop.power]
2x02: [butterfly.effect]
2x03: [great.lakes.diner]
2x04: [i'm.a.lil'.short]
2x05: [???]
2x06: [the.band.trip.pt1]
2x07: [the.band.trip.pt2]
2x08: [love.siebtangle]
2x09: [spontaneous.combustion]
2x10: [finals.2.0.]
2x11: [summer.'0_]