[nicole.larson] - She's basically the popular girl at school. She does try to be nice, but she doesn't exactly realize what she's doing until it's too late. A little gullible, she's somewhat outgoing but falls into a shy pattern later on. Even though she's popular, she has rarely been in a relationship as of yet. She's a bit naive as well, but she's always obsessed with guys that could never become hers. She's jovial, happy when around people, but when she's by herself, she's somewhat paranoid about those around her.
[favorite.tv.show] - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[favorite.band.currently] - Linken Park
[favorite.movies] -

"Ride me like a pony."
"Well, that's the opposite of good."
"What do you think I am, dedicated?"
"I watch. I loved. I cried."

Regular Character : Season 1
1x01: [the.black.album]
1x02: [campsite.hijinx]
1x03: [before.the.big.room.w/.lots.of.people]
1x04: [the.big.room.w/.lots.of.people]
1x05: [jacksonlantern]
1x06: [everyone.to.the.principal's.office]
1x07: [there.is.an.ending!.honest]
1x08: [a.swank.party]
1x09: [the.special.episodes.Vol.1]
1x10: [bando.bandaid]
1x11: [series.finale]

Recurring Character
Regular Character : Season 2
2x01: [pawn.shop.power]
2x02: [butterfly.effect]
2x03: [great.lakes.diner]
2x04: [i'm.a.lil'.short]
2x05: [???]
2x06: [the.band.trip.pt1]
2x07: [the.band.trip.pt2]
2x08: [love.siebtangle]
2x09: [spontaneous.combustion]
2x10: [finals.2.0.]
2x11: [summer.'0_]