[midus.steele] - The main character of this piece, a protagonist if you will. He's basically a love struck puppy fawning over a girl he believes he can never have(Nicole). He's worried about his place in the world but tries to hide it by using his imagination to create strange scenearios and fantasy worlds he can just join into. A heavy affictionato of television, he usually winds up quoting other shows in his daily speech, especially the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He's insecure, good natured and uses humor as a defense. He doesn't have a lot of self-confidence, and doesn't take himself very seriously as such. He's confused, a bit bi--polar, paranoid, smart, but yet somewhat naive. He's always thinking of others first, unless others means his best friend(Jackson).
[favorite.tv.show] - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[favorite.band.currently] - the Postal Service
[favorite.movies] - Serenity, Shaun of the Dead, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me! (Jackson hits him with words) Ah! The Words are hurting me! All I was taught is a lie!"
"Uhmmm... How can I put this without hurting your feelings? I'm a procrastinator. I'm a procrastinator from a long line of procrastinators, dating all the way back to my great great great great tons more great grandfather, C. Procrastinator Steele."
"Vote Dukakis!"
"You want me to stab your eyes out now?"
"You DON'T run out of SHAME!"
"You don't CRAVE hot dogs. No one even knows what they're made of. Besides Nasa."
"I've been watching the game all backwards. "
"Does no one listen to Midus?! No one?"
"Thanks. I got it the first time. And you do realize that if a joke needs explaining, it's no longer funny."
"I'm not. Hey, my grandfather died of cancer. My Aunt died of cancer. It seems I'm gonna die from cancer. It may as well be self inflicted."
"Is a headache a pulsating vein in the brain? And isn't that like a slight anuerism, until the vein bursts. But what happens if the vein is so strong, that instead of bursting, it cracks your skull, and then your head spontaneously combusts."
"We could find my dad's condoms and have a water balloon fight!"
"Oh great. I can't feel my eye. I should be able to feel my eye, but I can't feel my eye. This ice pak is defective."
"Seeing if there's a God. But I can't seem to find any lightning striking you... Seems like he must be out to lunch."
"Remind me to put arsenic on my shopping list."
"I smirk people too much it seems."
"There's too much taffy!"
"So, everyone's all "RUAHH! Lately about these tests coming up, and I'm all calm as a bubble. Until they start poking me with a stick."
"If it's anything but get naked, I don't care."
"People like you and George Lucas should die."
"I dunno. I got this tinge in my shoulder. I must have slept on it funny, and if it dies down, well, maybe I'll still go anyway. Yeah, well, I'll go, but not for that.
"You ever notice that you draw more with pencils, and write more with pens?"
"I dunno. Third wheel? I'm not a fan of being a tricycle."
"Christ on a stick!"
"No, we call Revolver here, REVOLVER!"
"Are we gonna die today or do you already have that date figured out?"
"Sounds like something Jackson would say. (raises hands, and clears throat) I'm sorry. So sorry... I don't know how to deal with these awkward moments. Oh look! A water fountain. Well, it'd be cruel if I didn't let it serve it's function."
"I call Loch Ness Monster!"

Regular Character : Season 1
1x01: [the.black.album]
1x02: [campsite.hijinx]
1x03: [before.the.big.room.w/.lots.of.people]
1x04: [the.big.room.w/.lots.of.people]
1x05: [jacksonlantern]
1x06: [everyone.to.the.principal's.office]
1x07: [there.is.an.ending!.honest]
1x08: [a.swank.party]
1x09: [the.special.episodes.Vol.1]
1x10: [bando.bandaid]
1x11: [series.finale]

Recurring Character
Regular Character : Season 2
2x01: [pawn.shop.power]
2x02: [butterfly.effect]
2x03: [great.lakes.diner]
2x04: [i'm.a.lil'.short]
2x05: [???]
2x06: [the.band.trip.pt1]
2x07: [the.band.trip.pt2]
2x08: [love.siebtangle]
2x09: [spontaneous.combustion]
2x10: [finals.2.0.]
2x11: [summer.'0_]