[laura.townsend] - Flaunting authority is her Olympic sport, and she does it with a gusto of disobediance and apathy. Known for attending Stephen King Memorial High while residing in only 35% of her classes, Laura is a gifted student without the ambition to follow the forced ciriculum of High School.
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Recurring Character : Season 1
1x06: [everyone.to.the.principal's.office]
1x07: [there.is.an.ending!.honest]
1x08: [a.swank.party*]
1x09: [the.special.episodes.Vol.1*]
1x11: [series.finale]

Recurring Character
Regular Character : Season 2
2x01: [pawn.shop.power]
2x02: [butterfly.effect]
2x03: [great.lakes.diner]
2x04: [i'm.a.lil'.short]
2x05: [???]
2x06: [the.band.trip.pt1]
2x07: [the.band.trip.pt2]
2x08: [love.siebtangle]
2x09: [spontaneous.combustion]
2x10: [finals.2.0.]
2x11: [summer.'0_]