[jackson.kechs] - Jackson Kechs is the definition of an asshole, but he's a loyal one at that. He's a womanizer, likes to be the center of attention, and although can be extremely intelligent, chooses not to be for whatever reason. He's pretty much an extrovert, has a lot of will power, and is very much street smart, being able to talk his way out of any situation he gets himself into. That's mainly due to practice however, as he's likely to get himself into many situations. He takes seelf serious and has a long standing friendship with Midus, one where they both understand each over, even if they aren't really nice to one another.
[favorite.tv.show] - Family Guy
[favorite.band.currently] - Eminem

"Ah! He's doing something wrong in my eye!"
"Uhmmm.... two of them have breasts? ... Of course, three of them have puss-"
"Remember that time I went back in time?"
"(drunk)Wow. I can see myself! And I look like Midus!"
"Well, not today Goldylocks. You aren't pulling a roger clemons on me!"
"Yes! Stop cooking my brain!"
"Stop eating my Brains!"
"(singing)Will things ever be the same again... it's the Final Countdown!"
"You know, I put up this cure for mortality on Ebay, and this guy bought it. So now he's complaining, saying it didn't work and this and that. But I'm like, 'are you dead?' And he obviously isn't, so I'm like 'Then shut up. Talk to me when you're dead, then you have a right to complain.'"
"You ever hear of this guy who comes down the chimney on Christmas eve? And then he runs around your house, eating your cookies, drinking your milk, and taking your stereo, dressed all in black?"
"It's not rape if I get her really drunk first."
"Pimps up, Hoes down!"
"It had a pimp on the cover!"
"IT'S IN MY EYE AGAIN! Why won't you people DO something!"
"You don't yell at a cripple for hating Will and Grace, do you?!?! Cuz they're all crippled! What would you do if I suddenly became crippled?!? What!"
"Girl can't wait forever for a man's lovestick."
"I apologize. But I don't understand what the word sorry means."
"Who bothered to spawn you?"
"You're screams are girlish too."
"You got SERVED, beeotch! Take your Luke Skywalker doo back to the ZOO! Booyah! Shiznit son. I'm a literary GOD! Don't question it. Freestyle!"

Regular Character : Season 1
1x01: [the.black.album]
1x02: [campsite.hijinx]
1x03: [before.the.big.room.w/.lots.of.people]
1x04: [the.big.room.w/.lots.of.people]
1x05: [jacksonlantern]
1x06: [everyone.to.the.principal's.office]
1x07: [there.is.an.ending!.honest]
1x08: [a.swank.party]
1x09: [the.special.episodes.Vol.1]
1x10: [bando.bandaid]
1x11: [series.finale]

Recurring Character
Regular Character : Season 2
2x01: [pawn.shop.power]
2x02: [butterfly.effect]
2x03: [great.lakes.diner]
2x04: [i'm.a.lil'.short]
2x05: [???]
2x06: [the.band.trip.pt1]
2x07: [the.band.trip.pt2]
2x08: [love.siebtangle]
2x09: [spontaneous.combustion]
2x10: [finals.2.0.]
2x11: [summer.'0_]