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Latest Episode : 2x07(18) The Band Trip(pt2)

The continuation of the two parter. We've got Nasa Hot Dogs, THREE Murders, and we continue our 24 parody. It'll be awesome.


Latest Re-Write: 1x01 The Black Album

This was my re-write during my 2004-2005 school year for Writing for Media I. I took a lot of elements from the first episode that I liked and infused it with a few new ideas callbacks to both future and already past jokes. Look for me to take everything I like about this episode and the one above it and combine it into a single episode sometime down the line, but right now, you get a look at the piece that gave me a B+! B+ FOR EVERYONE~!


Latest News
May 19th, 2012
Taking all this offline for now. Going to set up from scratch. Have rewrites for multiple episodes done but will not be posting them for the time being.

We'll see where things go.

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